Chopping knife

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The cold potatoes and corned beef were in the wooden tray, and "Regards of Rebecca" stuck on the chopping knife. The brown loaf was out, the white loaf was out, the toast rack was out, the doughnuts were out, the milk was skimmed, the butter had been brought from the dairy.
"According to the audio," the reporters write, "the chop-chop that was heard now and then established the use of a tool similar to a chopping knife during the dismembering of the bones of the body, while a high-pitched sound of an electric autopsy saw, working frequently, was also recorded."
Summary: I don't know what drives some spouses to wield the ladle and the chopping knife and ...
A police patrol managed to intervene as the maid was wielding a chopping knife to attack him.
Yesterday store owner Nadarajah Sivajumar said: "The robber came into the shop at about 9.36am and he had this chopping knife.
He added: "There are certain bits of kit I would urge people to get, such as decent pots and pans, a decente chopping board and a decent chopping knife.
Take a large chopping knife and remove the undercarriage of the bird by placing the knife inside (where the giblets are).
Andrew James Leonard told her "I'm going to kill you", held a chopping knife to her head and cut her during an hour-long ordeal.
Turkey escalope Holstein (Serves 4) 1 turkey breast (at least 500g), skinned 2-3tbsp flour 2 eggs, beaten 50-60g fresh white breadcrumbs Salt and freshly ground black pepper Vegetable or corn oil for frying A couple good knobs of butter 4 eggs 8 anchovies, halved lengthways 1tbsp chopped parsley 2tbsp capers Lay the turkey breast on a chopping board and with a sharp carving or chopping knife cut 4 large slices.
You remember K'tonton, the "Jewish thumbling" who takes a ride on a chopping knife and wishes he hadn't, who goes to synagogue and swings on a lulav, who takes a ride on a runaway dreidl?
Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (c) ELSPA (UK) Ltd Cooking Academy Platform: iPhone Genre: Cookery Price: pounds 1.79 ASIN: N/A Turn your finger into a chopping knife, wooden spoon and every kitchen utensil in between as Cooking Academy takes you back to school -of sorts -and challenges you to polish up your culinary skills by creating a host of dishes from enticing appetisers to main meals and desserts.