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v. con·duct·ed, con·duct·ing, con·ducts
1. To direct the course of; manage or control: a police officer who conducts traffic; a scientist who conducts experiments.
2. To lead or guide: conducted the tourists through the museum.
3. Music To direct the performance of (an orchestra or chorus, for example).
4. To serve as a medium for conveying; transmit: Some metals conduct heat.
5. To comport (oneself) in a specified way: The students conducted themselves with dignity throughout the ceremony.
1. To act as a director or conductor.
2. To show the way; lead.
n. (kŏn′dŭkt′)
1. The way a person acts, especially from the standpoint of morality and ethics.
2. The act of directing or controlling; management.
3. Obsolete A guide; an escort.

[Middle English conducten, from Latin condūcere, conduct-, to lead together; see conduce.]

con·duct′i·bil′i·ty n.
con·duct′i·ble adj.
Synonyms: conduct, direct, manage, control, steer1
These verbs mean to exercise direction over an activity: Conduct applies to the guidance, authority, and responsibility of a single person or group: The judge conducted the hearing. The committee conducted an investigation into the scandal.
Direct stresses regulation to ensure proper planning and implementation: The seasoned politician directed a brilliant political campaign.
Manage suggests ongoing guidance of a person, group, or organization: It takes skill to manage a large hotel.
Control stresses regulation and usually domination through restraint: The harbormaster controls the number of boats allowed inside the breakwater.
Steer suggests guidance that controls direction or course: I deftly steered the conversation away from politics. See Also Synonyms at accompany, behavior.
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Noun1.conducting - the way of administering a business
administration, disposal - a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)
2.conducting - the direction of an orchestra or choir; "he does not use a baton for conducting"
management, direction - the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program"; "is the direction of the economy a function of government?"
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Members of the congregation, left, and, above, Jeffrey Skidmore, choral director of Ex Cathedra.
Halifax Chamber Choir is conducted by professional choral director Alex Kyle who works within the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme.
It's a professional life that began right out college at the University of Oregon with a freshly inked diploma in musical education and a job offer to become choral director at Pleasant Hill High School.
The concert tells the story of the journey of an entire community that comes together when faced with cancer,'' explained Chuck Brown, choral director.
Currently choirmaster at Bering Memorial United Methodist Church, Rob recently retired as choral director of the esteemed Houston High School for the Performing and Visual Arts after 34 years in public education.
Jeffrey Skidmore, choral director of Ex Cathedra; Lucy Sapwell; Charles Bond, Honorary Consul for Sweden.
Lindell specializes in piano and voice lessons and is the Choral Director of Big Spring Symphony Orchestra.
The choral director, helping to raise the roof with some of the most popular carols ever written, is Ian Wells, and the organist, Ian Tracey.
With a difficulty level ranging from a simple call and response to 4-part harmony, this is a great tool for a new choral director at a church or school, a community choir looking for a varied educational repertoire or a college level general choral class.
They were followed, immediately before the Second World War, by choral director and composer Janez Kuhar (1911-1997), Paul John Sifler (1911-2001, in the USA), Emil Ulaga, composer and conductor Klaro Marija Mizerit (1914-2007 in Canada), composer, guitarist and teacher Stanko Prek (1915-1999), Karel Hladky, composer and academician Primoz Ramovs (1921-1999), Ubald Vrabec, Jurij Gregorc and Slavko Mihelcic.
Dr Alwyn Humphreys MBE is a renowned choral director and composer of vocal music.
Choral Director Interview Protocol 1) What is the ideal choral curriculum in terms of ensemble membership?