Choral service

a service of song.

See also: Choral

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MARTYRS' SANDYFORD CHURCH The service at King Street tomorrow morning will be a choral service with Rev Ken Mayne leading worship.
The choral service will include prayers and an offering for Hurricane Katrina relief.
It opens with ten chapters organized into two sections: Part I, 'The Choral Service and its Music', and Part II, 'The Chapel Royal and its Composers'.
The aim of this work is to study systematically the texts in Chronicles relating to the choral service.
King Street for a candlelight and choral service in 146year-old Kawaiahao Church, then return to Honolulu Hale for the tree lighting, to be followed by several hours of Christmas and Hawaiian music.
In 1903 a choral service was held on the top of the rock.
The specially devised choral service featured music by all three former organists, Frederick Burstall, Henry Goss Custard and Noel Rawsthorne, as well as a canticle setting written for the cathedral by the great 20th century composer Gustav Holst, best-known for his Planets Suite.
3); in the second, from 1850 to 1856, they "recruited to their ranks the leading advocates of choral worship who did not already number among them, and became the foremost champions of choral service within the Established Church" (p.
It covers the period between the Reformation and the abandonment of the choral service in the 1640s, and deals with evidence mainly derived from financial records regarding the provision of polyphony, service books and psalters, the use of organs and other instruments, and other matters such as the size and make-up of choirs as revealed by chapter act books, visitation records etc.
More than 76 years later tenor Tom is still in fine voice and has hardly ever missed a choral service at St George's Church, in Edgbaston, in the last 60 years.
Today, the choir's principal duty is to sing the weekly choral service in one of the two Chapels at St James's Palace on Sunday mornings and on the major feasts of the Christian year.
I thought you might be interested in another of my memories - the annual staff choral service, conducted by my father, the chaplain to the store.