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Noun1.Chordata - comprises true vertebrates and animals having a notochordChordata - comprises true vertebrates and animals having a notochord
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
chordate - any animal of the phylum Chordata having a notochord or spinal column
chordate family - any family in the phylum Chordata
chordate genus - any genus in the phylum Chordata
Craniata, subphylum Craniata, subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata - fishes; amphibians; reptiles; birds; mammals
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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This is called Chamaelonidae from the Animalia kingdom, phylum Chordata and class Reptilia," he said, showing off his mastery of biological terminology.
His short fiction and poetry have previously appeared in American Chordata, Copper Nickel, The Tower Journal, World Literature Today, and elsewhere.
The present investigation may be important for zoologists who would like to work on fish nutrition for developing sustainable pond fish farming in coastal areas, keeping in view that fish belongs to Phylum Chordata.
Belonging to phylum Chordata, class Ascidiacea, these invertebrates have tissue and organ complexity incipient to that of vertebrates (see Fig.
There are acorn worms and before you start dismissing worms as inferior and primitive then consider that the acorn worms are classified with us humans in the Phylum Chordata -- chordates like us.
Reino: Animal Filo: Chordata Clase: Amphibia Orden: Anura Familia: Bufonidae Genero: Bufo Especie: Bufo bufo Descripcion general: Los sapos son vertebrados pertenecientes a la clase de los anfibios, que se caracterizan por su larga lengua y sus saltos; su cuerpo es corto y rigido, su cabeza grande y ancha; sus extremidades delanteras son mas cortas que las traseras y se caracterizan por contar con seccion adicional compuesta por los huesos calcaneo y astragalo.
The majority of HGT in primates was found to be ancient, occurring sometime between the common ancestor of Chordata and the common ancestor of the primates.
Durante el verano se encontro 29 especies y en invierno 38 especies, agrupadas en nueve Phylum de macroinvertebrados: Annelida, Arthropoda, Bryozoa, Cnidaria, Chordata, Equinodermata, Mollusca, Platyhelminthes, Porifera, y una Division: Rhodophyta; que practican ocho formas de nutricion (Tabla 1).
Linden is part of the green landscape of cities, dramatically reacts to air contaminants, so Tilia chordata is a convenient target for biomonitoring.
Taxonomically, according to the system used by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), I am talking about organisms classified as: Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Cetartiodactyla, Bovidae.
Birds are the only animals with feathers, which belong to the Phylum Chordata.