chorionic gonadotropin

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chorion′ic gonadotro′pin

gonadotropin produced and secreted by the chorion. Compare human chorionic gonadotropin.
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Determination of biological variation of alpha-fetoprotein and choriogonadotropin (beta chain) in disease-free patients with testicular cancer.
r-hCG administration in the form of a single, subcutaneous dose of choriogonadotropin alpha (Ovidrel[c], EMD Serono) was offered to patients, in general, once a dominant follicle of >17 mm was measured, with an appropriate corresponding estradiol level and a minimum endometrial thickness of 7 mm.
However, a recent study in human GCs demonstrated an inhibitory effect of Luteinizing Hormone/human Choriogonadotropin (LH/ hCG) on SFRP-4 expression (14), which may indicate that the effect of SFRP-4 in luteinization events is species specific.
Concentrations of human choriogonadotropin, its beta-subunit, and the core fragment of the beta-subunit in serum and urine of men and nonpregnant women.
Human chorionic gonadotropin induces neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells through activation of stably expressed lutropin choriogonadotropin receptor.
The inhibitory effect of ghrelin upon plasma testosterone concentrations was associated with human choriogonadotropin (hCG).
Isolation and amino acid sequence of COOH-terminal fragments from the beta subunit of human choriogonadotropin.