Chose local

a thing annexed to a place, as a mill.

See also: Chose

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I chose local charities so I can be certain the money is going directly to the areas that I know need help.
Being from Leicester, Pukka Pies chose local but slimline lad Mark Selby for their publicity shots.
A couple of our members here at Castlefields have links with epilepsy so we chose local charity, Epilepsy Action, to make the donation to.
We decided on the environment as a theme and chose local artist Debbie Ryan because she specialises in mosaics made from recycled glass and has a track record of working with children and young people.
KNOE-TV chose Local Thunder because of its innovative turnkey approach to helping media companies generate Internet-based revenue.
Welsh Secretary Peter Hain chose local band Manic Street Preachers for their album This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours.
We could use them to do the next phase or we could use local folks, and we chose local folks - who can do it cheaper than they can do it.
Five architects were invited to the site to come up with ideas and the couple chose local architect Nigel Begg to help them create their dream home.
The pupils of Earlsdon Primary School, in Earlsdon Avenue North, chose local parks and buildings to feature on collages.
Responses to the advert poured in from all over but Mr MacKenzie chose local lovely Lucy from Aviemore, a grey Emden- Toulouse goose.
We chose Local Matters as a partner in our online local search initiative because they can provide the technology to create a feature rich local search experience for our directory users and new expansion opportunities for our advertisers," said Henry Ruiz, Group Manager - Online Sites, World Directories Group.
We chose local business tycoons Chris and Geoff Baxter from Baxters Promotions, based in Tees Valley, to judge all three categories and they reported that the standard of the business presentations, trade stands and mask designs was outstanding.