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(Placename) the Korean name for North Korea
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"Foreign eye liners or mascaras stay on even after get into water, but domestic products make raccoon eyes even with just a yawn," Kim said during his visit to a Pyongyang cosmetics factory in 2015, according to the Japan-based Choson Sinbo newspaper.
"The economic retaliation sets its sights on the South but North Korea will not deal with it as a fire breaking out across the river," Choson Sinbo, a North Korean propaganda website, said in an article.
Among their topics are Confucian statecraft and the production of saltpeter and sulfur in Song Dynasty China, forensic science and the late imperial Chinese state, calendar publishing and local science in Choson Korea, measures against epidemics in late-18th-century Korea: reformation or restoration, and non-state knowledge of the heavens in early imperial China and its official appropriation.
Meanwhile, a Japan-based pro-North Korean newspaper, Choson Sinbo, has demanded that the US drop its "unilateral" and "unfair" demands in denuclearisation talks with North Korea, warning that the negotiations will not move forward.
North Korea marks the creation of hangul on January 15, where it's called Chosongul Day ("choson" being an old name for Korea).
Both the lady and her immense retinue remained in their new home, and in time their offspring got acculturated with those who were the early residents of a land longest ruled by the Choson dynasty from 1392 to 1910 AD.
The Progeny of Fallen Royals in Choson Korea: A Genealogy of Dissent.
Choson Exchange, a nonprofit group, has trained more than 2,000 North Koreans in their own country and Singapore in the past decade.
"It looks very much like the trip to Dalian was a dry run," said Andray Abrahamian, a research fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS and formerly with Choson Exchange, a Singapore-based group that trains North Koreans in business skills.
For example, in the Korean language, Korea as a nominally unified nation has long been called "Choson" in the North but "Hanguk" in the South.
Andray Abrahamian is an honorary fellow at Australia's Macquarie University and is senior adviser to a nonprofit focused on training North Koreans in economic policy and entrepreneurship, Choson Exchange, where he previously served as executive director.