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(Placename) the Korean name for North Korea
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The other references to the Canon and the Great Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom can be found by searching the Choson wangjo sillok database and limiting the search to T'aejong's reign.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Planned launches of balloons by South Korean activists to send provocative leaflets to North Korea "may trigger large-scale military activities," North Korea's state-run Minju Choson newspaper writes on Saturday.
A scientific study of Choson white ware: early porcelain from a royal kiln at Kwangju Usanni.
Al-Enezi also said the 3250 Choson rifle ammunitions were found hidden in the interior hollow of a private vehicle's doors.
Here we meet the perfect physician, the perfect gentleman, the chaste and modest wife, the obedient children, and the poems written for every conceivable occasion in such topics as the higher narratives, love lyrics in late middle Korean, The Storyteller's Miscellany, images of society in the early Choson literary collections, The Record of the Black Dragon Year, and the literature of the road to Ch'unhyang.
Ming China's superior position vis-a-vis Choson Korea was justified in universal ritual in terms of Confucian cosmology, and Choson Korea had little reason to conceive of its bilateral relations with China in terms of "submission" or "dependence" as we think of these terms today.
6) The Annals of the Choson Dynasty reveal that requests were being made for such works: in 1464 a mission from the SO daimyo of Tsushima to the Korean court received copies of the Analects and San ti shi, an anthology of Tang poetry, and another mission in 1467 received copies of the Four Books and Five Classics; just two years later an envoy asked why Japanese missions were given nothing more than the Analects and Mencius, and in 1501 Hochu Dotoku, pretending to be on a mission for the "king" of Japan, received a volume of the poetry of Su Shi, the Blue Cliff Record (Biyan lu), and other items.
Choson Sinbo reported in a dispatch from Ulan Bator that Song said the two sides shared the recognition that the Pyongyang Declaration is a marker that leads toward improving bilateral ties.
He describes the patterns of local police work in late Choson Korea, Japanese police presence in late Qing and early republican China.
The Choson Sinbo said that it was too early to conclude whether Barack Obama, who started work as US president on Wednesday, would choose to improve ties with the North.
In the late Choson period (1700-1910), Korean society ostensibly consisted of four status groups.
Beginning with the first major suppression of Catholic Christians in 1800, the character of the church changed from being principally the religious practice of certain members of the elite sector of society to being a religious movement among the poorest and most rejected members of the late Choson era (1392-1910).