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Zhou En·lai

or Chou En-lai  (jō′ ĕn-lī′) 1898-1976.
Chinese revolutionary and politician. A leader of the Chinese Communist Party, he was the first premier (1949-1976) and foreign minister (1949-1958) of China.
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Zhou En•lai

or Chou En-lai

(ˈdʒoʊ ɛnˈlaɪ)
1898–1976, Chinese Communist leader: premier 1949–76.
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An interesting and eye-opening incident that Prof Malik has narrated in the book goes like this: 'About half a century ago, China's Prime Minister Chou Enlai was addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi in the Chinese language.
I even remember taking part in a procession shouting slogans against Chou Enlai, renamed Zhou Enlai.
"While Kissinger was in Beijing, Chou Enlai sent me a personal message...
" The last thing we can afford now to have the Pakistan government overthrown, given the other things we are doing," Henry Kissinger is recorded as having told Nixon that year, as Yahya ferried messages to Chou Enlai. ( Nixon wasn't so high- minded, saying, " Look, even apart from the Chinese thing, I wouldn't do that to help the Indians, the Indians are no goddamn good.") The picture Bass draws is of a US President convinced that, though they had armed and funded the West Pakistan military establishment, they insisted on remaining " neutral" on the Bangladeshi rebellion -- while trampling other human rights concerns to ensure Nixon got his moment in China.
Mr Abumarzuq does of course attempt to put a rather nice gloss over his sinister organisation, much as Chou Enlai managed to give a charming and urbane face to the murderous and inhuman rule of Mao Tse Tung, although it must be said that Chou was in a league of his own in that regard.
Even his loyal lieutenant, the urbane and competent Chou Enlai, was in the course of being purged as he died of cancer.
The PRC's seat at the United Nations should be restored on the first day of conference ("Editorial Note, Chou Enlai to the Acting Secretary-General of the UN" 1951, in US Department of State 1983, 91-92; Foot 1990, 30; Pei and Feng 1993, 25).
Yang also found in the Chou Enlai Biography that Chou En-lai met with Roosevelt's economic advisor, Lauchlin Currie, at Currie's request, on 14 February 1941.
The 1976 death of Chou Enlai, who tried to rein in the excesses of Mao's Cultural Revolution, brought masses into the streets.