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 (chä-yō′tā, -tĕ)
1. A tropical American perennial vine (Sechium edule) having tuberous roots and cultivated for its green, pear-shaped fruit.
2. The fruit of this plant, eaten as a vegetable. In both senses also called christophine; also called regionally mirliton.

[Spanish, from Nahuatl chayohtli.]


(tʃɑːˈjəʊteɪ; tʃaɪˈəʊtɪ)
1. (Plants) a tropical American cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Sechium edule, that has edible pear-shaped fruit enclosing a single enormous seed
2. (Cookery) the fruit of this plant, which is cooked and eaten as a vegetable
[from Spanish, from Nahuatl chayotli]
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Lunch was at nearby Varangue Sur Morne Restaurant, and it began with an interesting chou chou gratin - a chou chou being a vegetable which looks a bit like a green brain but thankfully tastes more like courgette.
* Chou Chou Baby Products signed a new lease for 1,400 s/f on the fourth floor of 552 Seventh Ave.
Lead actor Anthony Wong and actress Zhou Chou Chou were among stars walking the red carpet.
Two of their success stories in 2012 were Chou Chou, a nervous young dog who came into our care with a badly injured foot, and of course, the lovely Asha, a whippet pup born with Hydrocephalus who was going to be put to sleep.
In 2001 he directed his bleeding-edge teen flick, All About Lily Chou Chou, as something of an answer to Kurosawa's anti-Internet Pulse, portraying the Internet as a place where battered souls could find community and solace rather than a wasteland of lonely ghosts who wanted to chew your face off.
Jiang Siquan, a senior citizen who resides in Chongqing, has trained his pet dog "Chou Chou" to stroll on its back legs, reports the China Daily.
Gaiety Star, Deelish, Bachelor's Tonic, Farimole, Chou Chou 11, Stubbs 11, Rodrique, Macedon and Milky Way are just some of the other long forgotten winners she sent out from her Porthkerry yard.
Younger girls will love Zapf Creation's CHOU CHOU My First Tooth, while animal lovers will be delighted to unwrap Vivid Imaginations' I Love Ponies Honey My Baby Pony, or Fur-Real Biscuit - My Loving Pup (Hasbro), Sylvanian Families Old Hollow Oak Treehouse (Flair Leisure Products) or the hottest or fittest VIPs from Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shop range.
Argos in Northumberland Street, Newcastle, is reporting that items such as Zapf Creation's Baby Chou Chou doll as well as the Transformers, Fireman Sam and High School Musical ranges are particular favourites with the "frantic parent faction".
H Love Me Chou Chou baby doll (pounds 24.99) I've never understood why parents give their young daughters baby dolls, which they then pretend to feed, give dummies to, etc.
For example, a retailer that purchases $5,000 worth of Zapt dolls, including Baby Born, Chou Chou and Maggie Raggies, would receive a racing stand-up display kit a collared golf shirt and a racing cap.