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n.1.One of the royalist insurgents in western France (Brittany, etc.), during and after the French revolution.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He was a bit of a 'chouan'; born in Brittany of a parliamentary family, and ennobled by Louis XVIII.
The novella takes place in Brittany during the 1793 Vendee war against the Republic, and exploits themes familiar to those who have read Balzac's Les Chouans, or Hugo's later Quatrevingt-treize.
Une passion dans le desert joins Les Chouans as one of only two texts Balzac completed among the twenty-three titles he projected for the Scenes de la vie militaire in his 1845 "Catalogue des ouvrages que contiendra La Comedie humaine," titles which were to include the aforementioned Egyptian trilogy as well as two Algerian narratives, L'Emir and Le Corsaire algerien.
A este respecto, el horror en la novela francesa no viene derivado unicamente de su contenido esoterico --hechizos de pastores brujos y el alma en pena de Jehoel de la Croix-Jugan celebrando un fantasmagorico oficio religioso--, sino tambien de sus referencias a la guerra de los Chouans, que podrian tener su correlato en los coletazos de la guerrilla carlista de los relatos de Jardin umbrio.
History bursts into life; we experience Napoleon's cool intelligence, Talleyrand's elegant evasions, Josephine's intuitions and Fouche's brilliant, cold-blooded police-work as the heroic Cadoudal looses his Chouans against the Republic.
Thermidorians thought religion should "be kept quiet, dull, and indoors." Royalists and chouans were like oil and vinegar, producing a "rich savor" when properly mixed, but with a "natural tendency to separate" (240).
Jonathan Steele correctly reminded us that "arming insurgents against elected governments has a long US pedigree, and it is no accident that Elliott Abrams, the deputy national security adviser and apparent architect of the anti-Hamas subversion, was a key player in Ronald Reagan's supply of weapons to the Contras who fought Nicaragua's elected government in the 1980s." But those Contras, ubiquitously present at every revolution, the Chouans of the VendE[umlaut]e, the Contras of French revolution, the Cossacks of Don, the Contras of the Russian revolution, Savimbi's Unita, the Contras of the Angolan revolution, did have some truth on their side, and expressed some legitimate interests.
26 The Chouans, or "screech owls", were royalist guerrilla fighters in which country in the 18th century?
Her alleged delight in the romantic interest that formed the basis of the novel that since 1834 had been known as Les Chouans causes her to accept an invitation to Fougeres: 'Elle voulut voir Fougeres ou s'etait denouee l'aventure du marquis de Montauran, et parcourir le theatre de cette guerre pittoresque dont les tragedies [...] avaient berce son jeune age' (CH, IV, 912).
Logos theory was alien to Plato, but (again) Balzac was a synthesizer; The Word conforms to the Frenchman's neo-Platonic design by burrowing up or emanating from Its source in the past and changing shape on Its way back to Itself in the future (see "The Chouans" 2: 16 and "Albert Savaron" 6: 289).