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n.1.See Choltry.
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Of course, the final reward is Knowledge: "When the prince has walked far and eaten with bhairagis in some choultry, slept with the dead, and wakened at cockcrow to ease himself, to deposit his pipinghot excrement decently under some bush, then he will be somewhat aware of the grandeur and loveliness of existence.
Tenders are invited for (1)Repairs to UGD and Restoration work to UGD Damaged Roads at following Places:-(a) Ward No:01 From Vivekananda School to SM Digital Flex,(b)Ward No:02 Shivaji Rao House to Kumbeshwara Choultry and Ex Councillor Mohan House adjacent Road.
Tenders are invited for drilling of bore well and laying of pipe line from bore to sump inside of komalamma choultry at tirupati.
Tenders are invited for improvements and miscellaneous repairs to toilets in attendant choultry in birrd hospital at tirupati.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to sri kodandaramaswamy choultry (2nd new choultry) at tirupati
Tenders are invited for supply and laying of 50mm dia gi pipe line from komalamma choultry sump to sri krt sump at tirupati.
Tenders are invited for improvements to sri govindarajaswamy choultry (3rd new choultry) at tirupati.
Tenders are invited for granting lease rights for vacant sites opp: ttd choultry