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Noun1.Chrissie Evert - United States tennis player who won women's singles titles in the United States and at Wimbledon (born in 1954)
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Chrissie Evert really influenced the Japanese women the waythey played.
Another relationship he doesn't shy away from discussing in the book is his engagement to America's 1970s tennis darling, Chrissie Evert - an engagement he claims was broken when she had an abortion behind his back.
Indeed, he has played very little competitive golf even though his wife of one year, tennis legend Chrissie Evert, keeps driving him to the practice ground.
Norman now has a wife in Chrissie Evert, the winner of 18 tennis Grand Slams, who has also experienced the vagaries of top-class sport.
At the age of 52, playing his first Major for three years, having barely practised and having just returned from the exertions of a honeymoon with Chrissie Evert, Norman led The Open Championship after each of the first three rounds before he was finally blown off course by the Royal Birkdale gales.
Goolagong was the prime example, and Chrissie Evert too.
Interesting complaint from tennis queen Chrissie Evert that 17 years of looking up into the sun as she lobs the ball up to serve has left her with cataracts .
1976 Chrissie Evert, the coolest player in the London heatwave, is worried about Wimbledon - because it is too easy for her!
Egged on by a wife in Chrissie Evert, who is even more competitive than he is, the Shark tees off fresh and with fond memories of his gallant third place behind Padraig Harrington in our Open last July.
The Great White Shark, who married US tennis star Chrissie Evert last year, said: "I think the reaction is going to be incredible.