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Noun1.Christ Within - a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soulChrist Within - a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul
ethical motive, ethics, morals, morality - motivation based on ideas of right and wrong
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The self-referential church keeps Jesus Christ within herself and does not let him out," he wrote.
They have indeed made us proud and also given us the confident that they would be good ambassadors of Christ within church and the outside world.
They are meant to build upon what the catechumens learn by encountering Christ within the community.
The medieval image of the crucified Christ within a mandorla (the almond-shaped outline behind) designed by Stephen Foster, creates a powerful image that works well with the scale of the interior.
Our college motto - Christ Within Us All - is the galvanising statement against which we measure all our successes.
One of our children has been blessed experiencing the world as a member of the differently abled community and as such, sadly barriers are erected spiritually, physically, mentally, theologically and emotionally within church communities when it comes to "what it means to have these people invovled." We are all God's children and as a community, a body, we need to ask ourselves what it means to be Christ within our world, within our community, in spite of our differences, drawing the gospel circle wide for the inclusion of all, and stepping beyond our own self-imposed biases.
"Be the Second Coming: Guidebook to the Embodiment of the Christ Within: A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny" is an inspirational read from Hopes Ive Mauran, as she advises readers on finding their spirit for finding Christ's teachings and being more like him in life.
In this season, we surrender to the Light of the Christ within you.
But no matter how the institution is restructured, the church as a community of believers will continue to do what it has done for 2,000 years: gathering to break the bread and share the word, celebrating the presence of Christ within and among us.
(c) Earliest Christians probably drew upon ancient Jewish flexibility in monotheism (which permitted divine agents quite exalted roles and reverence) in accommodating the exalted Christ within their own monotheistic commitment, but both in kind and intensity their cultic devotion to Christ is distinctive.
Jusserand, Dorothy Owen, and Rosemary Woolf, that Langland knew and was influenced by Deguileville's full trilogy of dream-visions, Le Pelerinage de Vie Humaine, Le Pelerinage de l'Ame, and Le Pelerinage de Jhesucrist, both as a series of related dreams and as a model for presenting the life of Christ within the dream form.
These added elements increased the performance of meaning associated with the real presence of Christ within the church.