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n. Offensive
Used as a disparaging term for a Christian.
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The Christers' son Bo and the Hortons' daughter Faith have both been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes or T1D and continue to lead active lives as a result of medical advances supported by JDRF research and development.
The Christers and Hortons were excited to have PRC join their fundraising effort.
Two local families and a local group have been chosen as the Peoples Bank Volunteer of the Quarter work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF): the Tim and Jennifer Christer family, the Wes and Amanda Horton family and the Pana Running Club.
The Christer and Horton families have supported JDRF financially over the past several years with fundraising efforts through cookouts held at the Christer's Save-A-Lot grocery store.
This and Hans Meyer's League of Nation's competition winner--transparency, no closed door discussion--provided the polarity of debate as we, in association with Denton Corker Marshall, embarked on the early stages of the competition in 1998, although slightly anxious given Steve Christers' (Studio Granda) experiences in Rekjavik.