Christian Scientist

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Christian Science

The church and the religious system founded by Mary Baker Eddy, emphasizing healing through spiritual means as an important element of Christianity and teaching pure divine goodness as underlying all material reality. Also called Church of Christ, Scientist.

Christian Scientist n.
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Noun1.Christian Scientist - a member of the Protestant church founded in the United States by Mary Baker Eddy
Christian Science, Church of Christ Scientist - Protestant denomination founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866
Protestant - an adherent of Protestantism
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Brayne was an atheist or a Mormon or a Christian Scientist; but he was ready to pour money into any intellectual vessel, so long as it was an untried vessel.
William Johnson and Miss Macquoid, the Christian Scientists, with remarkable likeness to the truth.
The darkly comic warts-and-all tale is slated to include characters based on Burnett's Christian Scientist grandmother, psychologically troubled mother and alcoholic father.
Christine had been raised a Christian Scientist, knew the Bible backwards and forwards, but had hard questions about the teachings of the church.
Even when her first husband was dying of cancer, she insisted her beliefs as a Christian Scientist would see them through and totally rejected medical help for him.
First, there was the "definitive" three-volume life published between 1966 and 1971 by Christian Scientist Robert Peel--weighing in with about a thousand pages of text supported by 250 pages of notes.
In an interview, Hughes, a Christian Scientist, said he was offered the job after serving as a consultant to the Deseret News earlier this year.
Knott said he grew up as a Christian Scientist but is now nondenominational.
More specifically: Was Giffords's Jewishnessher father is Jewish, her mother Christian Scientist, and she identifies as Jewish; she even served on the Anti-Defamation League's regional boardat all relevant?
The same thing would have happened if Saddam had been an atheist or a Christian scientist.
Paulson's interest in nature and the environment has roots in his upbringing in a Christian Scientist family on an Illinois farm.
But former Christian Scientist Linda Stecher Kramer struggled with the faith when she had a child: "I felt inadequate as a healer even though I had experienced a few healings during my lifetime and had heard of many others, real or imagined.

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