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Noun1.Christian liturgy - the Christian worship services
liturgy - a rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship
doxology - a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God
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The artifacts provide "precious windows through which we can see the early Christian liturgy as it was once performed," she said, pointing out that there is no early Christian art where only men are depicted at the church altar.
Among their topics are Augustine's certainty in speaking about Hell and his reserve in explaining Christ's descent into Hell, the descent of Christ into the underworld in early Christian liturgy, Thomas Aquinas on Christ's descent into Hell, the motif of the Harrowing of Hell in the video game "Child of Light," and the scope of redemption on finding meaning in Christ's descent into Hell.
As the place of music in Christian liturgy broadened, the need for trained song leaders became more dire.
The Eucharist (Mass or Holy Communion) is the central act of worship in Christian liturgy, offering thanksgiving, praise and sacrifice.
In "Saving Images: The Presence of the Bible in Christian Liturgy" he seeks to remedy that lack because it is critical historical scholarship that has shown us the grounding of the text in the life of the assembly and the role of intertextuality in its creation.
Unusually for the pope, he was a guest in a Christian liturgy where someone else called "His Holiness" presided.
The pope was a guest in a Christian liturgy presided over by Catholicos Karekin II, head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, which split from Rome over a theological dispute in the fifth century and is part of the Oriental Orthodox Churches.
The inclusion of dance is especially valuable because it rarely appears in studies of early Christian liturgy.
The Christian liturgy is determined by the aporetic but restated effort to establish and express in the liturgical act mystery and ministry.
It is also held to basically improve an understanding and appreciation of Christian liturgy in the lives of the faithful and is attended by thousands of pilgrims all over the world.
On page one of Introduction to Christian Liturgy, Pastor Frank Senn describes it as a "pastoral liturgical handbook." He writes that "Pastoral liturgy is the study and application of liturgy in the actual life of the church." Senn accomplishes his task: he gives an overview of the history, practice, and meaning of Christian worship across times and places.

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