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tr.v. Chris·tian·ized, chris·tian·iz·ing, Chris·tian·iz·es
1. To take over or adapt in the name of Christianity: pagan monuments Christianized by early missionaries.
2. To convert to Christianity.

Chris′tian·i·za′tion (-chə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
Chris′tian·iz′er n.
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Noun1.Christianization - conversion to Christianity
conversion - a change of religion; "his conversion to the Catholic faith"
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When, the mission to Japan on hold, he left the Pallada and returned home via Russia's own colonial domain of Siberia, his experiences led him to frame these territories in a similar light, presenting them as the beneficiaries of consistently successful improvement through colonization, Christianization, and trade (201).
I was at a Koranic School graduation where the Islamic scholar who preached, lamented that there were Christian schools everywhere and postulated that it was part of Christianization. I reflected on the war between MURIC and CAN; neither of the groups is dialoguing about an increasing population that is bringing nothing than division and a potent tool for a war that will profit an elite class.
During the 400th year of Christianization canvases, posters, booklets, all kinds of illustrations depicting "The First Mass" were churned out by Mabini painters and publicists, as well as by eminent artists like Carlos (Botong) Francisco who was posthumously awarded the Order of National Artist.
In 2013, the CBCP launched a nine-year 'spiritual journey towards the 500th anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines in 2021 with different themes for each year.
The image of the Santo Nino de Cebu, a gift to the first baptized at the outset of the Christianization of our land, symbolizes for to us today the fundamental option taken by the boy Jesus in the gospel account (Luke 2:41-52).
Moreover, no doubt, the present communist government is under the grip of the Westerners, what will be the impact on our neighbouring countries India and China from Christianization of Nepal and how will they observe the naked dance of the Westerners in Nepal, we are yet to see!
Haki concludes by warning that the plurality of approaches to the concept of 'Christianization' puts at risk the meaningfulness of the term, but suggests that nuance is already emerging and that self-conscious examination of the 'borderlands' between terms such as 'acculturation, official conversion, and Christianization' (p.
"Teresa was part of a conspiracy for Christianization of India.
Harrison also discusses two issues central to the scholarly studies of the Spanish colonization and Christianization of Latin America.
Hence, the book provides an explanation of how and why Akan culture formed the way it did in the West African forest and thus, set a processes that shaped the Akan experience in the Americas which argues that the most enduring and central marker of a composite Akan culture has been its spiritual culture, which thwarted Islamization and Christianization in West Africa.
In 9th century Europelong after the Christianization of much of the continent, around the same time as the compilation of the Talmud, and during a period when places like Fez and Baghdad were already thriving metropolisesthere were still Pagan cultures that performed human sacrifices and had the sort of death-related neuroses that convince entire societies that it's absolutely necessary to bury a perfectly usable boat in the middle of an inland field.