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Noun1.Christmas carol - joyful religious song celebrating the birth of ChristChristmas carol - joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ
religious song - religious music for singing
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Out in the garden stood a stately snow maiden, crowned with holly, bearing a basket of fruit and flowers in one hand, a great roll of music in the other, a perfect rainbow of an Afghan round her chilly shoulders, and a Christmas carol issuing from her lips on a pink paper streamer.
The Christmas carol, with its hammer-like rhythm, had fallen on his ears as strange music, quite unlike a hymn, and could have none of the effect Dolly contemplated.
'Christmas Carol' in the Court-house, and people came from all about to hear him.
The owner of one scant young nose, gnawed and mumbled by the hungry cold as bones are gnawed by dogs, stooped down at Scrooge's keyhole to regale him with a Christmas carol: but at the first sound of
For some years Dickens also published an annual Christmas story, of which the first two, 'A Christmas Carol' and 'The Chimes,' rank highest.
In the course of the night the free trappers surrounded the lodge of the Pierced-nose chief and in lieu of Christmas carols, saluted him with a feude joie.
ISLAMABAD -- Theater Wallay will hold a colourful Christmas event 'Christmas Carol Sing Along' and film screening here on December 22 to celebrate the forthcoming festival of Christmas.
A Christmas Carol What's Christmas without a Christmas Carol?
A festive favourite for generations, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is now so ingrained in hearts and minds that it's not easy to shake fixed ideas about the well-loved tale.
MR CHARLES Dickens presents 'A Christmas Carol' in a performance coming to Loughborough Town Hall this month.
That's why Drury Lane Theatre for Young Audiences performs an hour-long, family-friendly version of the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol" through Dec.
ban without a fight, the group resolves to force itself back onto the screen by hijacking the jewel in the corporation's Christmas crown - a live production of A Christmas Carol, staged by an infinitely more esteemed cast.