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n. pl. Chris·tol·o·gies
1. The theological study of the person and deeds of Jesus.
2. A doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus's teachings.

Chris′to·log′i·cal (krĭs′tə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.


(krɪˈstɒlədʒɪ; kraɪ-)
(Theology) the branch of theology concerned with the person, attributes, and deeds of Christ
Christological adj
Chrisˈtologist n


(krɪˈstɒl ə dʒi)

n., pl. -gies.
theological interpretation of the nature, person, and deeds of Christ.
Chris•to•log•i•cal (ˌkrɪs tlˈɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
Chris•tol′o•gist, n.


the branch of theology that studies the personality, attitudes, and life of Christ. — Christological, adj.
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Noun1.Christology - a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings
theological doctrine - the doctrine of a religious group
2.Christology - the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ
Christian theology - the teachings of Christian churches
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Aldred, director of the Indigenous Studies program at VST, is one of the principal instructors for the program, which includes two different courses: "Ministry in the Midst of Trauma" and "Indigenous Christology."
He covers traditional views and new insights on the Quranic Jesus; Jesus in the Quranic corpus: texts and contexts; reassessing the typology, date, and ideology of the Jesus passages and their setting; moving backwards: a peripheral South-Arabian christology; and from the Qur'an's early christology to the elaboration of the Muhamadan kerygma.
In the pages of "Reading Mark's Christology Under Caesar: Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology" Professor Winn takes his readers on the adventure of rediscovering how Mark might have been read by Christians in Rome in the aftermath of the fall of Jerusalem.
For the past century, biblical scholars have debated when and how a divine Christology emerged.
His starting point to elaborate a Chinese Christology was the goodness of God's creation based on the human--divine Jesus.
Jesus without Borders: Christology in the Majority World.
Many other recent texts on Christology also take account of global and interreligious perspectives.
Most of Thomsen's theological works have focused on Christology. Jesus Christ is at the center of the Christian faith, a truth that has loomed all the more importantly to him in light of his work on the mission field and continuing relations with adherents of other world religions, both on a personal and professional basis.
In Christ and Reconciliationx Karkkainen presents an in-depth systematic and constructive Christology that is meant to affirm traditional Christology, yet further develop it dynamically in dialogue with contemporary theological voices and insights emerging from our postmodern, pluralistic, and interreligious world.
Now Vanhoye sets down the definitive claim that this epistle articulates a unique Christology through which the entire biblical theology of grace is to be read, and which establishes that the dominant theology of the Messiah in second century Christian communities was a High Christology.
The development of Christology during the first hundred years and other essays on early Christian Christology.
Coptic Christology in Practice: Incarnation and Divine Participation in Late Antique and Medieval Egypt.