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 (krĭs′tə-fər), Saint fl. third century ad.
Christian martyr often depicted as a giant who converted to Christianity and thereafter devoted himself to carrying travelers across a river. His feast, July 25, was dropped from the Catholic liturgical calendar in 1969.


(Biography) Saint. 3rd century ad, Christian martyr; patron saint of travellers


(ˈkrɪs tə fər)

Saint, died A.D. c250, Christian martyr.
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Noun1.Christopher - Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)Christopher - Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)


[ˈkrɪstəfəʳ] NCristóbal
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Tomling, Sir Christopher Tomling, the South American engineer who built the--"
Now run the organ under the tree, and we'll dress it when Bubbles comes back," Sir Christopher cried.
I show you ze letter writing by Christopher Colombo
I show you beautiful, O, magnificent bust Christopher Colombo
His elder daughter, Elizabeth, lived with him and managed the house, and already much resembled him in dry sincerity and methodical habit of mind; of the two sons one, Richard, was an estate agent, the other, Christopher, was reading for the Bar.
And she thought how she would draw his attention to Edward's passion for Jorrocks, and the enthusiasm which led Christopher to collect moths and butterflies though he was now twenty- two.
The adventures of the Portuguese, and the actions of Don Christopher de Gama in Aethiopia.
Enraged to find that with this great preparation he should be able to effect nothing, he landed at Mazna four hundred Portuguese, under the command of Don Christopher de Gama, his brother.
Flora Casby had been the beloved of his boyhood; and Flora was the daughter and only child of wooden-headed old Christopher (so he was still occasionally spoken of by some irreverent spirits who had had dealings with him, and in whom familiarity had bred its proverbial result perhaps), who was reputed to be rich in weekly tenants, and to get a good quantity of blood out of the stones of several unpromising courts and alleys.
This was old Christopher Casby--recognisable at a glance--as unchanged in twenty years and upward as his own solid furniture--as little touched by the influence of the varying seasons as the old rose-leaves and old lavender in his porcelain jars.
He had scarcely bestowed upon him his blessing, and followed it with a general remark touching the present state and prospects of the weather, when, lifting up his eyes, he beheld the single gentleman of Bevis Marks in earnest conversation with Christopher Nubbles.
Opposite to Christopher Newman he paused and turned, and then our friend, who had been observing him, had a chance to verify a suspicion aroused by an imperfect view of his face.

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