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Noun1.Christopher Fry - English dramatist noted for his comic verse dramas (born 1907)
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answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Christopher Fry; Verboten; Austria; 1976 REMEMBER WHEN: 1954 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: 17 apples WORDWISE: C WHO AM I: Pam Grier 10 questions: 1.
It was at Ateneo where she spent many happy and productive years, first as a graduate student fascinated with Christopher Fry, and then discovering the richness of Philippine studies as a doctoral student, and then on to teaching and administrative posts.
Christopher Fry posited that "poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement".
A Oscar Wilde B Christopher Fry C George Bernard Shaw D William Wycherley 10.
Auden; verse drama after the war and its re-inventions by Anne Ridler, Norman Nicholson, Eliot, Christopher Fry, and Ronald Duncan; the social and cultural factors involved in the change at the end of the 1950s, the theatre of John Arden and Margaretta D'Arcy, and the opera libretti of Michael Tippett; and the theatre of Tony Harrison, Caryl Churchill, and Steven Berkoff.
So I feel a personal commitment, as does I think does everybody that works here, to having a service that's available when anyone needs it," said Christopher Fry, Twitter's former senior vice president of engineering, in an ( interview with Wired  in November 2013.
At an early age, he started his own theatre group in Delhi and went on to act in plays by Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Christopher Fry.
BORN MIKE Tyson, boxing champion, 1966, above DOROTHY Malone, US actress, 1925 GARY Pallister, UK footballer, 1965 DIED BUDDY Hackett, US comic, 2003, above CHRISTOPHER Fry, playwright, 2005 CHET Atkins, US country guitarist, 2001
My candidate for the Eliot slot would have been Christopher Fry, but "representativeness" is an elusive quality to identify and justify.
It related to a copy of an article I sent her from a 1949 Picture Post magazine about Burton as an understudy in Christopher Fry's The Lady's Not For Burning at the then Globe Theatre in London, now The Gielgud Theatre.

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