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Noun1.Christopher Fry - English dramatist noted for his comic verse dramas (born 1907)
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The objections were echoed by Christopher Harris of Millennium Apartments, also in Newhall Street, who argued the area was 'increasingly residential', while Rob Valentine of property firm Bruntwood said: "It's not healthy, it's not good, it's not what we should be striving for."
After The Wall Street Journal reported that Charles Schwab is in talks to acquire the brokerage and wealth-management operations of USAA for roughly $2B, Wells Fargo analyst Christopher Harris noted that the deal is said to involve $100B of client assets, or approximately a bit under 3% of Schwab's total client assets.
In addition to the graduation of Sloan, Nelson and Patterson, Smithpeters also will replace Antwan Campbell, Jonah Jackson, Christopher Harris and Will Keller.
Christopher Harris: Why the hell keep blaming the council, all councils are being told to build more accommodation and the road system is Warwickshire's responsibility.
However, when Officer Christopher Harris, on whose body cam the footage was recorded, started scanning the area, a woman could be seen coming out from behind a railroad mechanical shed, as the crossing gates were activated and walking toward the approaching train.
Christopher Harris, 21, was nabbed after he made threats and behaved aggressively at the Last Post.
Christopher Harris, 35, went looking for Laura Biss, 34, after a bust-up at the bar where she worked.
The talented artist died when her boyfriend Christopher Harris hit her with his van, while three times the drink-drive limit and speeding, as she walked home from the pub on January 20.
However, the defendant should have been granted leave to redact information about his wife and child in his sentencing memorandum.<br />Background<br />Appellant Christopher Harris pled guilty to knowingly or intentionally manufacturing marijuana.
Clayton, Harvard University; and Christopher Harris, University of Cambridge, "Optimal Illiquidity"

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