Chrysemys picta

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Noun1.Chrysemys picta - freshwater turtles having bright yellow and red markingsChrysemys picta - freshwater turtles having bright yellow and red markings; common in the eastern United States
turtle - any of various aquatic and land reptiles having a bony shell and flipper-like limbs for swimming
Chrysemys, genus Chrysemys - painted turtles
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Comparative life history of Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta) in two habitats in the inland Pacific Northwest.
Multiple paternities has been detected in different species of sea turtles: Caretta caretta (Bollmer et al., 1999; Moore & Ball, 2002; Zbinden et al., 2007), Chelonia mydas (Fitzsimmons, 1998; Ireland et al., 2003; Lee & Hays, 2004), Lepidochelys olivacea (Kichler et al., 1999; Hoekert et al., 2002; Jensen et al., 2006) and Natator depressus (Theissinger et al., 2009), and also in freshwater turtles such as Chrysemys picta (Mctaggart, 2000; Pearse et al., 2001), Emydoidea blandigii (Refsnider, 2009) and Emys orbicularis (Roques et al., 2006).
For example, in painted turtles Chrysemys picta, resistance to freezing is greatly improved in sandy soils when clay or organic matter is added (Packard and Packard 1997, Costanzo et al.
Nesting habits of the western painted turtle, Chrysemys picta bellii (Gray).
Mapping the Western Pond Turtle (Actinemys marmorata) and Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) in western North America.
The locomotor behavior of Chrysemys picta marginata (Testudines, Emydidae) studied by Walker (1971) showed the locomotor cycle during terrestrial movement in a straight line.
All clutch variables (clutch size, egg size, and egg mass) increase in size with maternal body size in red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans), snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina), painted turtles (Chrysemys picta), and Amazonian giant river turtles (Podocnemis expansa) (Rowe, 1994; Iverson et al., 1997; Tucker et al., 1998; Valenzuela, 2001).
Eumeces (Plestiodon) farciatus), 3 species of amphibians (including Lithobates sphenocephalus, Litho bates catesbieanus and Notophthalmus viridescens), and 4 species of turtles (including Graptermys geographica, Chrysemys picta, Pseudemys floridana and ApaIone spinifera).
We fared better than Koper and Brooks (1998), who reported violations of assumptions about equal catchability caused inaccurate and imprecise estimates of abundance when collecting Chrysemys picta by hand, basking trap, hoop net and all methods combined.
Vitellogenin continues to circulate in the blood long after initial production; after a single injection of estrogen, vitellogenin was still detectable over a month later in Chrysemys picta plasma [4] and over two months later in Lepidochelys kempii [12].
Chrysemys picta (painted turtle).--Like the snapping turtle, painted turtles frequent county ponds and have been captured in seines at Dave's Pond.