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Noun1.Chrysolophus - golden pheasantsChrysolophus - golden pheasants      
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Phasianidae, Phasianidae - pheasants; quails; partridges
Chrysolophus pictus, golden pheasant - brightly colored crested pheasant of mountains of western and central Asia
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Golden pheasant factfile | |The golden pheasant - Latin name Chrysolophus pictus - was introduced from China about 100 years ago | In China, the bird is considered to be a sign of good luck and prosperity | The male is brightly coloured with a yellow crown and lower back, dark wings and upper neck, red underparts and long finely barred tail while the female has mottled brown plumage and a pale brown face, throat, breasts and sides | The bird's diet includes berries, grubs, seeds and buds | The UK has between 50 and 100 breeding pairs with the female laying a clutch of about eight to 12 eggs in April
These findings were consistent with those reported by previous surveys (Fang & Ding 1997) and were also similar to behaviour exhibited by golden pheasants Chrysolophus pictus (Liang et al.