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Noun1.Chrysopidae - green lacewings
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Neuroptera, order Neuroptera - an order of insects including: lacewings; antlions; dobsonflies; alderflies; fish flies; mantispids; spongeflies
aphid lion, aphis lion - carnivorous larva of lacewing flies
chrysopid, green lacewing, stink fly - pale green unpleasant-smelling lacewing fly having carnivorous larvae
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Chrysopidae family includes more than 1800 well known species and it has been amongst the useful insects of agricultural ecosystems which are very effective and applicable in biological control programs against agricultural pests (Canard et al.
Chrysopidae family includes some common predator species that occur in agroecosystems, and they play important role in regulating populations of phytophagous organisms.
2008), USA (Hoy & Nguyen 1998; Michaud 2002, 2004), Mexico (Miranda-Salcedo & Lapez-Arroyo 2010), Taiwan (Chien & Chu 1996; Chu & Chien 1991) Formicidae Dorymyrmex bureni USA (Michaud 2004) (Trager, 1988) Pseudomyrmex gracilis USA (Michaud 2004) (Fabricius, 1804) Neuroptera Chrysopidae Ceraeochrysa claveri Mexico (Lozano-Contreras (Navas, 1911) et al.
Green lacewings, insects of the family Chrysopidae, are found across much of the globe.
No presente estudo, a ordem Lepidoptera foi observada em 29 oportunidades visitando as flores da lichieira, enquanto apenas um individuo familia Chrysopidae (Neuroptera) foi observado (Tabela 1).
Control biologico: En las plantaciones de chayote se encuentran diversos agentes de control biologico que ayudan a disminuir las poblaciones de pulgon, tales como miembros de las familias: Coccinelidae, Chrysopidae, Reduviidae, Aphelinidae, Trichogrammatidae y Braconidae, algunos de estos insectos son tan pequenos que no se perciben a simple vista; sin embargo, se observa su efecto cuando la colonia presenta pulgones inmoviles (momificados) de color cafe claro, lo cual evidencia que han sido parasitados.
Catarinita Hippodamia convergens anaranjada (Guerin-Meneville) Mosca sirfida Metasyrphus sp Crisopa Chrysoperla spp Nombre comun Orden Familia Catarinita rosa Coleoptera Coccinellidae Catarinita roja Coleoptera Coccinellidae Catarinita Coleoptera Coccinellidae anaranjada Mosca sirfida Diptera Syrphidae Crisopa Neuroptera Chrysopidae
Coleoptera: Coccinellidae; Diptera: Empidiidae, Syrphidae; Hemiptera: Anthocoridae, Geocoridae, Miridae; Hymenoptera: Braconidae; Neuroptera: Chrysopidae, Hemerobiidae) (JAMES, 2003a, 2003b, 2005).
It is there that chemist Kamal Chauhan isolated a catnip-oil compound that attracts lacewings of the insect family Chrysopidae.