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 (thŏn′ĭk) also chtho·ni·an (thō′nē-ən)
adj. Greek Mythology
Of or relating to the underworld.

[From Greek khthonios, of the earth, from khthōn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈθɒn ɪk)

also chtho•ni•an

(ˈθoʊ ni ən)
of or characteristic of the mythological underworld.
[1880–85; < Greek chthón(ios) beneath the earth (adj. derivative of chthṓn earth) + -ic]
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chthonic, chthonian

having to do with the underworld.
See also: Earth
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Adj.1.chthonic - dwelling beneath the surface of the earth; "nether regions"
infernal - being of the underworld; "infernal regions"
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The poem concludes with an astonishing image of a chtonic body with many tails that rises with great force from the darkness to the light at the moment that Noah, God's legate, sets the animals free.
Blommaert (2009) 'Chtonic science: Georges Niangoran-Bouah and the anthropology of belonging in Cote d'Ivoire', American Ethnologist 36 (3): 574-90.
Soyinka claims that Greek tragedy developed the "principle of illusion" whereas Yoruba tragedy "plunges straight into the 'chtonic realm.'" (55) In this chthonic realm, what then are the limits on the representation of time in Yoruba theater?