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 (chə-bo͞ot′, cho͞o-)
A river rising in the Andes of southwest Argentina and flowing about 805 km (500 mi) eastward to the Atlantic Ocean.
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As part of its expansion plan, Genneia is building six new wind farms: Madryn II (151 MW), Chubut Norte II (26 MW), Chubut Norte III (83 MW), Chubut Norte IV (58 MW), Pomona II (12 MW) and Necochea (38 MW), all of them expected to come online between 2019 and 2020.
Among the affected provinces in Argentina were Santa Fe, San Luis, Formosa, La Rioja, Chubut, Cordoba and Mendoza, reports said.
He had influence with the Argentine Government who appointed him the first governor of Chubut. He remains the only Welshman to have held that post.
Issuers that are rated at the same level of the sovereign include Province of Neuquen, Province of Salta, Municipality of Cordoba, Province of Chubut, Province of Entre Rios, and Province of Chaco.
According to the Buenos Aires Times, the deaths are believed to have occurred in the Chubut province since December.
Prior to his match at the Axiata Arena, the pride of Chubut in Argentina had vowed to beat Pacquiao and send the 39-year-old Filipino senator into retirement.
The 28-metre trawler Rigel sounded its distress signal off Chubut province's coast, 200kms east of the city of Trelew.
Even before he traveled to Asia from his hometown in Chubut, 1,350 kilometrs from the capital of Buenos Aires, Matthysse had started working out, accoridng to his manager Mario Arano.
And, if he does, the 35-year-old from Chubut, knows that bountiful opportunities will come his way.