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 (chə-bo͞ot′, cho͞o-)
A river rising in the Andes of southwest Argentina and flowing about 805 km (500 mi) eastward to the Atlantic Ocean.
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Santiago Maldonado, 27, disappeared on August 1 following a paramilitary police operation to disperse a protest march by the Mapuche indigenous group in Chubut province, Patagonia, around 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) southwest of Buenos Aires.
Vertebrae and rib bones were among the finds recovered from the quarry at La Flecha ranch, Chubut Province, Argentina, in 2013.
Of the 25,000 Welsh speakers in Argentina 5,000 are understood to live in the Chubut region.
El conocimiento de la distribucion geografica de los mamiferos terrestres que habitan la porcion costera de la provincia del Chubut se ha incrementado en los ultimos anos (Nabte, 2010; Udrizar Sauthier, 2014; Udrizar Sauthier y Pardinas, 2014); no obstante, extensos sectores permanecen sin informacion en cuanto a la composicion de los ensambles de mamiferos terrestres.
Estos indicadores permitieron clasificar las provincias segun su condicion socioeconomica en cuatro grupos, definidos previamente por Nunez Minana (24): avanzadas (Santa Cruz, Chubut, La Pampa y Neuquen), especiales (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba y Rio Negro), intermedias (Mendoza, Entre Rios, San Luis, Catamarca, San Juan y Tucuman) y rezagadas (La Rioja, Salta, Jujuy, Misiones, Corrientes, Santiago del Estero, Chaco y Formosa).
There are now 5,000 people in the Chubut area who still speak Welsh, and in recent years there has been a significant revival of interest in all things Welsh, particularly since the 150th anniversary in 2015.
A state of emergency has been declared in the Chubut province - and eight of its 16 counties are facing agricultural disaster as a consequence of the weather.
The provinces that will benefit from this sanction will be: Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Santa Fe, Misiones, Chubut, Tucumn, Ro Negro, La Pampa, Salta, Jujuy and Neuqun.
Argentina is currently importing about 250 tonnes of uranium per year to satisfy demand for nuclear power gen-eration, and there is enough uranium in the Mendoza and Chubut provinces to feed national consumption for the next century.
They will also get to taste some asado, host some concerts and compete in the Chubut Eisteddfod as individuals and as a choir.
Si bien el segundo es, indiscutiblemente, el elemento mas fuerte en la construccion del pasado provincial, la experiencia espanola adquiere un caracter de relevancia en estos textos, en cuanto ayuda a introducir al territorio del Chubut en los procesos de exploracion por parte de europeos que ocurrian simultaneamente en el resto del continente americano, centrandose en el proceso colonizador espanol.
They are being held and will go before a federal judge in southern Chubut province.