Chugach Mountains

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Chu·gach Mountains

 (cho͞o′găch′, -găsh′)
A range of the Coast Ranges in southern Alaska extending eastward from Cook Inlet to the Canadian border and rising to 4,016 m (13,176 ft).
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In its Scenic City Tour of Anchorage, Knightly Tours starts at the Ship Creek area where Anchorage was born and teaches tour-goers about the city's pioneer history; from there the tour moves to Bootleggers Cove, Earthquake Park, and Lake Hood (the busiest seaplane base in the world) before wrapping up at the Chugach Mountains at the Flat Top Scenic Overlook, which provides stunning views of the city of Anchorage and Chugach Mountains.
Growing up in the foothills of the Chugach Mountains outside of Anchorage, Alaska, Land came from a middle-class family They had few extras, although there were books in the house--thanks to her mother who was the first in her family to go to college and to receive a master's degree.
Alaska's famed Prince William Sound includes more than 3,000 shore land miles of bays, coves, and deep fjords topped by the ice-capped peaks of the Chugach Mountains.
The Chugach Mountains are thrust upward by this crustal subduction, forming the peaks surrounding most of the Sound.
Wednesday was reserved for excursions and participants could choose between a visit to the University of Alaska Matanuska Research Center to learn about captive moose research, a day to trip to Seward Alaska at the head of Resurrection Bay, a hike in the Chugach Mountains, or moose education day at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC).
Pendants in the labs are mounted perpendicular to the work surfaces to maximize light levels and minimize shadows, without disrupting the view out of the windows to the Chugach Mountains. The 100 fc illuminance level actually exceeds the IES recommended level but is offset by occupancy sensors that reduce the lighting to 50 percent.
Now, Kennen goes to Alaska to guide clients of Majestic Heli Ski in the Chugach Mountains and takes people rafting for Tahoe Whitewater Tours in the Lake Tahoe/Reno, Nev., area.
"If we'd known we'd be here this long, we might have done some sightseeing," said Tammy Harmon of Cupertino, California., taking a look at Anchorage's blue skies and snow-covered Chugach Mountains. Mar 20, 2012
PIONEER PEAK, a 6,398-foot mountain in the Chugach Mountains, sits over the Knik River just nine miles south of Palmer, Alaska.
Turn east past the Matanuska Glacier, then follow the edge of the Chugach Mountains. Stop and stretch your legs at the Wrangell-St.
41), adventure meant backpacking 22 miles into Alaska's Chugach Mountains and pushing himself to the physical limit on a fast-paced quest for Dall sheep.
And although the city, with its predictable North American street grid and collection of austere, boxy buildings, is somewhat anonymous, it is the views of the towering snow-capped Chugach Mountains and wide expanses of sky and ocean glimpsed down many streets that give the place a very particular character.