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 (chō′lənt, chŏl′ənt)
A stew consisting primarily of meat, potatoes, beans, and grains, traditionally prepared before the onset of the Jewish Sabbath, simmered overnight, and eaten as a midday meal.

[Yiddish tsholnt, probably of Romance origin and ultimately from Latin calēns, calent-, present participle of calēre, to be warm; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a meal usually consisting of a stew of meat, potatoes, and pulses prepared before the Sabbath on Friday and left to cook until eaten for Sabbath lunch
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For the most part they filled in what they had overlooked in the first volume--some more Yiddish, including a full range of culinary delights from chunt or chulent to kishke and kreplach, to which may be added klafteh (bitch, from the Aramaic kalbta), stutz (one-night stand, fling), tzingaleh (hand-rolled cigarette; joint), and tzitzim or tzitzkes (tits); some more Arabic: achia (great
The young women of Tikva had started a series of cooking courses and were teaching themselves to bake the Sabbath loaves, to cook their own gefilte fish, and to prepare chulent.