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n. pl. Chumash or Chu·mash·es
A member of any of a group of Hokan-speaking Native American peoples formerly inhabiting the southern California coastal region around Santa Barbara and the northern Channel Islands, with a small present-day population near Santa Barbara.
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(xʊˈmaʃ; Yiddish ˈxʊməʃ)
(Judaism) Judaism a printed book containing one of the Five Books of Moses
[literally: a fifth (part of the Torah)]
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(ˈtʃu mæʃ)

n., pl. -mash•es, (esp. collectively) -mash.
a member of an American Indian people who formerly inhabited the S California coast from San Luis Obispo to Santa Monica Bay.
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Cardi B will be singing on July 21 with a Chumash Grandstand Arena show.
Only a half-year after he had been picked up from the street, with much help from Heaven and greater willpower than most, Binyamin knew how to open a siddur or a Chumash and read them like one accustomed.
The name QupA(c) (kyoo-pay) is taken from the Chumash word for poppy, the California state flower which blankets the landscape each spring.
The name Qupe (kyoo-pay) is taken from the Chumash word for poppy, the California state flower which blankets the landscape each spring.
They are set to perform at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez on June 8, and at The Mirage in Las Vegas on June 9.
The most famous of the Dunites, Gavin Arthur, identified primarily as an astrologist, while also believing himself to be in spiritual communion with the local Chumash Indians who had occupied the dunes centuries before.
Dartt, who is of Chumash ancestry, was the former curator of Native American art at the Portland Art Museum.
Grass, birds, other trees and animals come to life on the pages, while one 19th century Mexican woman and one 20th century school boy, hearts opened by grief and loneliness, come to know one California live oak whose 229 years span the evolution of four human civilizations, Chumash, Spanish/Mexican, Yankee and new money Hollywood, which each leave their mark upon the landscape and upon Tree.
When I attended High Holiday services as a child, I was baffled by the menagerie of markings around the Hebrew words in the Chumash: dots, strokes, angles, diamonds, horns, wishbones.
This traditional approach is presented in the Artscroll Chumash as follows: "Although the verse gives the duration of Israel's stay in Egypt as 430 years, it is clear that the nation could not have been in Egypt that long, for the lifetimes of Kehathh who came with Jacob, and his son Amram total only 270 years, and Amram's son Moses was eighty at the time of the Exodus.
Each animal characterizes California in a key cultural object or historical event: for example, the swordfish describes the tomols of the Chumash people, while the gull tells Calafia about the Gold Rush.