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Farmers' Markets in Sinuiju, Chungjin and Hyesan in North Korea, 1950-1980.
ChungJin Biotech had exhibited Bee Venom Collector and digital Honeybee artificial Insemination Instrument at '2008 World Artificial Insemination Symposium' in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from October 15th to 19th.
Based on the popularity of their exhibition, ChungJin was published in two of the respected local newspapers, "Siempre Libres (Headline: Presentan Tecnologia de Punta de Koreanos / 16 OCT, 2008)" and "Noticias (Headline: Los mexicanos necesitamos mover la economia / 16 OCT, 2008)", and successfully reached agreements with a variety of buyers during the symposium.