Church militant

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the Christian church on earth, which is supposed to be engaged in a constant warfare against its enemies, and is thus distinguished from the church triumphant, in heaven.

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He is a monk of the church militant, I think,'' answered Locksley; ``and there be more of them abroad.
This was done with the idea of complimenting him, but the doctor had held himself aloof from all the learned bodies--belonging, as he did, to the church militant and not to the church polemical.
Conservative Catholic website Church Militant argues that Catholic bishops are watering down Catholic moral teaching.
Jamroz told Global Sisters Report that Copeland was not uninvited; rather, after Jamroz shared articles with Copeland by a right-wing group called Church Militant, the two reached a mutual decision to cancel the event, Jamroz said.
After Americans United published a blog post about a fringe far-right Catholic TV network in Michigan that wants to tear down the wall between church and state, the group, Church Militant, went on the attack.
Mary John Mananzan, OSB, that exemplar of the Church Militant, plays Candy Crush?
The millennial tradition of the Roman Lenten Station churches is a priceless part of our past, a sign of ageless continuity, and a direction toward the goal of the Church Militant and each of its pilgrims' journey while here on earth.
The basic problem was solved in Augustine's The City of God, which explained to the careful reader that Eusebian optimism regarding the temporal vigor of the Church militant was thoroughly misplaced.
she is instituted as a Church Militant, for conflict not for rest".
We call our journey to God (through life) the Church Militant.
And holy wars against infidels, symbol of Church Militant.
The church militant held far greater attraction than the difficult or soppy hymns for children: All Things Bright and Beautiful and God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall.