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the Christian church on earth, which is supposed to be engaged in a constant warfare against its enemies, and is thus distinguished from the church triumphant, in heaven.

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``He is a monk of the church militant, I think,'' answered Locksley; ``and there be more of them abroad.
This was done with the idea of complimenting him, but the doctor had held himself aloof from all the learned bodies--belonging, as he did, to the church militant and not to the church polemical.
There were monks who wore the frock with such an ill grace that it was easy to perceive they belonged to the church militant; women a little inconvenienced by their costume as pages and whose large trousers could not entirely conceal their rounded forms; and peasants with blackened hands but with fine limbs, savoring of the man of quality a league off.
Our basic catechism describes the Church in heaven as the Church triumphant; the Church in purgatory as the Church suffering; and the Church on earth as the Church militant. Let us remember that while we live, we continue to struggle, to grow and move on.
Peter Feuer herd, recentl appointed news editor, won first place for best in-depth news/special reporting for his story, "No 'church of nice' for Church Militant," a piece the judge described as "Great investigative reporting.
Church Militant reports that the changes in translation policy are backed by the Pope's 'Great Principle' (Magnum principium) in 201.
--Rodney Pelletier, associate producer for Church Militant.
Paul Kalchik told the conservative Catholic news website Church Militant that Cupich dispatched two of his top deputies last Friday to take him away from the church at 3043 N.
Potter's militancy was rather that of belonging to the "church militant on earth," which actively opposes oppression, exploitation, and discrimination.
After Americans United published a blog post about a fringe far-right Catholic TV network in Michigan that wants to tear down the wall between church and state, the group, Church Militant, went on the attack.
The third is the 'contemporary Orient', that part of the contemporary world in which contemporary anxieties were present and for which the Church Militant called into existence its series of crusades.
The old terminology for these three states was "the church militant" on earth, "the church suffering" in purgatory, and "the church triumphant" in heaven.