Church of the Brethren

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Noun1.Church of the Brethren - a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent; opposed to military service and taking legal oaths; practiced trine immersion
Baptist denomination - group of Baptist congregations
Dunkard, Tunker, Dunker - an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)
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Elder Grove School was the site of the first-ever election of officers for the South Loup Church of the Brethren in 1895 and the church held worship services in the school until the new church building was completed in 1916.
Mennonite churches and the Church of the Brethren have their earliest roots in the Anabaptist Radical Reformation of the 1520s and 1530s in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, and the Holy Roman Empire.
17) For background on the Church of the Brethren and related denominations, see Donald F.
He was a member of the Middle Creek Church of the Brethren, Lititz, PA, where he was Minister Emeritus.
The liberal arts school is a college of the Church of the Brethren and welcomes persons of all faiths.
The Church of the Brethren Service Center in Maryland, site of Anabaptist organizing around issues of conscientious objection to military service, received a surprise visit last October from the director of the Selective Service System's Alternative Service Division.
The collections include American Thanksgiving Day Sermons, selected manuscripts, miniature paintings, shape-note tune books, portraits of Baptist leaders, early text on the Bohemian-Moravian Church of the Brethren, and images of religious and theological iconography.
CBS, Channel 2) Broadcast from the Church of the Brethren at Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Ind.
I was at a foot-washing once, and the person who was to wash my feet was a Church of the Brethren minister, many of whom are not sympathetic to Catholic traditions, to say the least.
ON A SPECTACULARLY CLEAR SUNDAY IN Dayton, Ohio--the same Sunday, in fact, that 9,200 people gathered in Lower Manhattan to memorialize their relatives killed in the World Trade Center attack--23 members of the Mack Memorial Church of the Brethren sat in the church basement, talking about the American flag.
Religious participants include American Baptist Churches, USA; the American Jewish Committee; the American Jewish Congress; the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs; Catholics for a Free Choice; Central Conference of American Rabbis; the Church of the Brethren, Washington Office; Friends Committee on National Legislation; the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; the Presbyterian Church, USA and the Unitarian Universalist Association, Washington Office.
SCOTT HOLLAND is pastor of the Monroeville Church of the Brethren in suburban Pittsburgh and a contributing editor of Cross Currents.

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