Church triumphant

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the church in heaven, enjoying a state of triumph, her warfare with evil being over; - distinguished from church militant. See under Militant.

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The ancient frescoes which beautify Catholic churches envision all the faithful: the church militant, the church penitent, and the church triumphant shoulder to shoulder before the Lamb, becoming one with the Lamb.
If you join the Friends of the National Churches Trust in 2013, their sixtieth anniversary year, you will receive a free copy of The Church Triumphant, a hard backed edition of watercolours of English churches by artist Bob Moody.
Ward's third definition of the church is as the mystical body of Christ (the Church Triumphant, in a traditional term, which--as in Dante--is the same as Heaven/Paradiso).
These constitute the church triumphant in the communion of saints.
Like nattering to your friends, nattering to members of the church triumphant can be done in any language you like.
The entire work of intercession, from the saints in the church triumphant to possible saints in the church militant, was problematized by the Reformation, and not only in relation to purgatory.
The Counter-Reformation was, of course, in full force by this date (the edicts on art were published after the Council of Trent had finished in 1563), and its effect on religious art was not always a happy one, as Federico's eventual fresco of The Church Triumphant (fig.
These were the years of what is called the Church Triumphant, the post-Tridentine church full of confidence.
William Dyrness, professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, referred to a cathedral as ``an attempt to reassert the public and very visible presence of the church triumphant in a secular society.
His endless quest takes the centenarian former Janissary into the twentieth century, with most of Hellenism liberated and the Orthodox Church triumphant.
Overall, the text presents an objective historical view of the trends, people, and camps that have struggled to make worship of the living God by the church militant a new experience, while still being anchored to the church triumphant.
These include Mormon polygamists, the Universal Church Triumphant, Bo Gritz, the Branch Davidians, and similar survivalist groups.