Church work

work on, or in behalf of, a church; the work of a particular church for the spread of religion.

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Wright plans to now devote his time to volunteer church work, focusing on worldwide self-reliance programs.
Organiser Kathryn King said the event had raised about PS2,800 for the work of St Stephen's Church work within the community.
So it was she who lured me back into more serious church work.
But they said he was arrested in 2009 over that work and agreed then to halt all his church work.
He spent his remaining years in church work in Europe and North and South America, based mostly in Canada.
As many as four of the siblings including George Alancherry took up full-time church work, with George and two of his brothers becoming priests and one of his elder sisters becoming a nun.
As non-stipendiary ministers their church work is carried out alongside their paid jobs.
ON THE surface of the comments made in recognition of her MBE award, it may seem that the Reverend Margaret Fletcher gained the award through her church work as a minister (Daily Post, January 5).
IT'S very sad that Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson (left) has been unable to make his relationship with Charlotte Church work.
He examines the history of Christianity in Japan, Japanese religious and personal identity, the processes whereby Japanese people enter and leave Mormonism, church work as identity work, the role of the missionary, and how Japanese identity and Mormon identity work together.
How ironic, I said to my pastor, that many of us who have advanced degrees in the very specific field of church work, such as theology and ministry, are paid less.
When she arrived in Calgary in 1903 she initially devoted her attention to church work but by 1907 she was involved in a campaign to raise money for the YWCA and by 1912 she was active in the Local Council of Women.