Church work

work on, or in behalf of, a church; the work of a particular church for the spread of religion.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He called church work business and what is business?
4, while attorneys for the church work to file an appeal in the case.
There was praise in the paper for industrious knitter Annie Carr, West Vennel, Alloa, who since 1915 had knitted 100 pairs of socks for Moncrieff Church Work Party.
After her retirement, she was very active in church work caring for the altar for a number of years.
Muiga, a father of five from Othaya sub-county, said he has experience in church work and will perform his duties diligently.
Wright plans to now devote his time to volunteer church work, focusing on worldwide self-reliance programs.
Organiser Kathryn King said the event had raised about PS2,800 for the work of St Stephen's Church work within the community.
So it was she who lured me back into more serious church work. My four months with her and with that wonderful congregation was a great, great experience.
But they said he was arrested in 2009 over that work and agreed then to halt all his church work. Since then, they said, Abedini had confined himself to support for building an orphanage.
He spent his remaining years in church work in Europe and North and South America, based mostly in Canada.
As many as four of the siblings including George Alancherry took up full-time church work, with George and two of his brothers becoming priests and one of his elder sisters becoming a nun.
As non-stipendiary ministers their church work is carried out alongside their paid jobs.