a.1.Befitting a church or a churchman; becoming to a clergyman.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The hush was solemn and churchlike, save for a distant battery that, evidently unable to remain quiet, sent a faint rolling thunder over the ground.
Compared with the large-scale production of O-Tone, the readings at Alte Schmiede are intimate, churchlike. The name, which translates to Old Smithy, comes from the space's previous life as a blacksmith shop, and in one of the two event spaces on site, authors hold forth amidst a battery of blacksmithing tools--hammers, anvils, thousands of various-sized pikes--which make the space intensely atmospheric, reminiscent of both torture chamber and S&M dungeon.
On the wall opposite we see a small lithograph of a man's pensive profile, his face illuminated, framed like an altarpiece within a dark churchlike space, in whose shadows we dimly discern two tiny contemplative onlookers: Odilon Redon's Lumiere of 1893.
The first horror episode is set in the wool-shed, which the narrator describes as the nearest thing available to an antique, churchlike, and atmospheric Gothic location: 'A wool-shed is a roomy place, built somewhat on the same plan as a cathedral, with aisles on either side full of pens for the sheep, [and] a great nave ...
There is nothing at all churchlike about the Priory Apartments built by Laurel Homes at Largs.
The small building possesses a sense of solemnity, its Gothic design calling to mind Empire but also churchlike, an appropriately sacred allusion.
"Instead of just going to church on Sunday and then not talking about it the rest of the week, we're going to church on Sunday and then we're going to a place that doesn't even seem churchlike to see how Jesus is calling us to be in this moment," Freid said.
Upon his return to New York, Barnard put many of them on display in a churchlike brick building on Fort Washington Avenue.
The churchlike organ that is at the fore of “Help Me Pray” is most appropriate to the song's message clearly stated in its title.
"It's an incredibly churchlike, religious experience where we exorcise our insecurities."
His widely accepted rationale for creating a homey gathering place rather than a formal churchlike mission was that a clubhouse was appropriate in boomtown Cordova.
As if intruding, one slipped between the scenery to discover Fabra Guemberena's architectural trope: an improvised churchlike interior with nave and altar.