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n. pl. chur·ros
A thick fritter of fried dough, usually topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with a chocolate sauce.

[Spanish, perhaps from churro, coarse, (sheep) having coarse wool, (one) speaking Spanish with an Aragonese accent (the fritter perhaps being so called because of its appearance or its possible place of origin), probably of Iberian origin; akin to Portuguese surro, uncleanliness, filth (as from sweat).]


n, pl -ros
(in Spain and Latin America) a sweet, baton-shaped snack of fried dough
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Mansha Churra, Vice President FPCCI, said that NEPRA and OGRA do not bother to consult stakeholders as the concerned party.
Mansha Churra Vice President FPCCI said that due to the closure of banks on Saturday, the business cycle is being affected very much.
Pir Syed Kabir Ali Shah of Churra Sharif, Jamaat-I-Islami Deputy Secretary General Dr Farid Ahmad Paracha, Tehrik Minhajul Quran Nazim-e-Aala Dr Rahiq Ahmad Abbassi, ex-Director Haj Syed Farogh Aftab Zaidi and Haj-Umrah Organisation Association Chairman Al-Haj Shahid Rafique were the participants of the dialogue.
Muhammad Mansha Churra briefed them about the activities and functions of FPCCI.
In his welcome address Acting President, FPCCI, Muhammad Mansha Churra expressed his dismay over the low volume of trade between the SAARC countries especially India and Pakistan.
S95%]) for total milk yield in Churra dairy sheep, based on 50,000 Gibbs samples Posterior Posterior standard Left Parameters means deviations [HPD.
Tariq Sayeed, immediate former President of SAARC CCI, Ata Bajwa, Vice President, Mansha Churra, former Vice President of FPCCI, Hasan Habib, Consul General of Pakistan and Dr.
Other trade leaders including Zubair Tufail, Hameed Akhtar Chadda, Atta Bajwa, Mirza Raza Malik, Zahid Hussain and Mansha Churra said that President Asif Ali Zardaris meeting had sent a good message throughout the country that the government firmly believed in taking all stakeholders including the business community of the country on board while framing policies of national importance.
Aamer Ata Bajwa, former Vice President Mansha Churra, EC Member, Muhammad Waseem Vohra.
The Secretary Finance, Abdul Wajid Rana, Mian Zahid Hussian, Zakaria Usman, Mansha Churra, Khalid Tawab, Shaikh Manzar Aalam, and Zubair Tufail also spoke on the occasion.
Mansha Churra we have lost a sincere friend who was a philanthropist and devoted to the cause of Business Community of Pakistan and his services will be long remembered.
Effects of feeding system on carcass and non carcass composition of Churra Tensina light lambs.