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 (cho͞o-rä′skō, chə-răs′kō)
Grilled meat, especially when cooked on a skewer in Brazilian cuisine and served with chimichurri.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish churrasco, barbecued cuts of beef, from Spanish churrascar, to toast, grill, barbecue, originally a variant of Spanish dialectal churruscar, probably ultimately from blending of Spanish churrar, to toast (of imitative origin, from the sound of sizzling), Spanish socarrar, to singe, toast (from Old Spanish, perhaps of Basque origin : from Basque su, fire + karra, flame), and Spanish chamuscar, to singe (probably from Portuguese chamuscar, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *sēmiusticāre, to singe, (influenced by Portuguese chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see bhel- in Indo-European roots), from Latin sēmiustus, singed : sēmi-, half, semi- + ustus, burnt, past participle of ūrere, to burn).]
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Arriving at 2 pm yesterday, Sheikh Mohammed visited the Brazilian churrascaria where he experienced the Fogo Churrasco lunch, which included an exquisite selection of premiums cuts of high-quality meats, served tableside by specially trained Brazilian Gaucho chefs.
Dubai is a global destination and we are delighted to share Fogo de Chao's Brazilian hospitality, cuisine and churrasco dining experience with this city's full-time residents and international visitors alike," said Fogo de Chao CEO Larry Johnson.
After we were finished with the salad, breadbasket and the starters, we were served different kinds of Churrasco, a Spanish and Portugese term for beef or grilled meat, and grilled pineapple.
The hotel also has Caf Ilang-Ilang, which offers eight culinary food stations, featuring various cuisines such as Filipino, Mediterranean, Pan-Asian, Churrasco, European, and Italian, as well as many wonderful mouthwatering desserts.
The Roast is serving Brazilian churrasco fare, and a rotating list of local chefs will collaborate on dishes.
To participate in this promotion a full adult Churrasco lunch or a-la-carte seafood entree dinner must be purchased.
The menu also features a delectable selection of mains, including a typical Brazilian churrasco grill of US rib eye steak, picanha, Australian lamb chop, sausages and sirloin, however, we'd sadly filled up so much on the 'small' hot plates that we didn't get to sample (not that I minded - my favourite way to dine is sharing style
A Very Well Known Traditional Argentinian Steak House with Real Argentine Food, starting from empanadas to the famous churrasco with chimichurri sauce, Steaks are grilled the same way as in Argentina.
Asado de Chorizo is a sirloin steak in a churrasco marinade, while Tapa de Cuadril is a signature Tira de Ancho steak at CAU dish of thinly-slicked rump.
Diners can expect a Brazilian-style dining experience with various cuts of meat including beef, lamb, pork, chicken and sausages cooked on a churrasco barbecue - a century-old tradition used for South American cuisine.