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 (sē′bə-nā′, -bō-)
n. pl. Ciboney or Ci·bo·neys also Ci·bo·ney·es (-nā′ĕs)
A member of an American Indian people formerly inhabiting the Greater Antilles. Of unknown origin and linguistic affiliation, the Ciboney were largely displaced by Taíno settlers prior to European contact and were extinct by the end of the 16th century.
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Tambien, se detecto en 6 de 49 muestras de Puerto Rico, definiendo el linaje A-VIII [26, 27], asi como en una secuencia HVR-I de ciboneyes de Cuba [54], y ademas, en cinco muestras de la Republica Dominicana [55].
Tambien se encontro en los ciboneyes extintos de Cuba y en otras tribus de Norteamerica, Centroamerica y Suramerica, ademas de la Republica Dominicana.
In Historia de la arqueologia indocubana (1923 a), Ortiz defended Columbus's stubborn insistence that he had discovered the westward passage to Cipango, arguing that the Tainos and Ciboneyes the Admiral encountered in Cuba were, in their ethnogenetic origins, actually Chinese (Rojas 2008:250).
Jose Fornaris was apparently the first to adopt the term siboney for literary purposes to denote the original peoples of Cuba, although in 1846 Pedro Santacilia published an anthropological essay about the culture of the ciboneyes (Santacilia 492).