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 (sē′bə-nā′, -bō-)
n. pl. Ciboney or Ci·bo·neys also Ci·bo·ney·es (-nā′ĕs)
A member of an American Indian people formerly inhabiting the Greater Antilles. Of unknown origin and linguistic affiliation, the Ciboney were largely displaced by Taíno settlers prior to European contact and were extinct by the end of the 16th century.
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He encounters the ghostly Ciboneys, the dying Caribs and religious eccentrics like the Kingston Pocomaniacs, and probes the Antilles where abide the poor whites and the fading French aristos.
Its original inhabitants were Native Americans, first Ciboneys, then Arawaks, then Caribs.
The Tainos were far more numerous than the Ciboneys at the time of conquest, and are thought to have reached Cuba around the third century CE.
There were two different populations in Cuba at the time of conquest, the pre-ceramic Ciboney and the pottery-using Taino.
The earliest site of the Ciboney dates from around 5,000 BCE.
Mitochondrial DNA from Pre-Columbian Ciboneys from Cuyba and the Prehistoric Colonization of the Caribbean.
The earliest settlers in the Virgin Islands were the Indian tribes of the Ciboneys, the Arawaks and the Caribs.