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Noun1.Cicadidae - cicadasCicadidae - cicadas        
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Homoptera, suborder Homoptera - plant lice (aphids); whiteflies; cicadas; leafhoppers; plant hoppers; scale insects and mealybugs; spittle insects
genus Cicada - type genus of the Cicadidae: cicadas
cicada, cicala - stout-bodied insect with large membranous wings; male has drum-like organs for producing a high-pitched drone
genus Tibicen, Tibicen - harvest flies
genus Magicicada, Magicicada - seventeen-year locust
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Alexander RD (1960) Sound communication in Orthoptera and Cicadidae. In: Lanyon WE, Tavolga WN (Eds) Animal Sounds and Communication.
For this purpose, this study assessed the level of nutrients, such as total soluble proteins and lipids from Fidicina mannifera (Hemiptera: Cicadidae), in comparison between males and females, and the biometric parameters of both specimens, in order to determine whether the species can promote a pulse of nutrients (resources) in an area of the Brazilian Cerrado biome.
In Brazil, the cicada Quesada gigas (Olivier 1790) (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) is considered pest in the coffee culture in regions of the state of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo for almost half a century (MARTINELLI, 2004).
(2011), described that rosemary and thyme have a well-known repellent effect on Culicidae and Cicadidae, respectively.
TABLE 1.--Total number of prey delivered by male and female Eastern Screech-Owls identified to the lowest taxonomic category possible and arranged in order of abundance Prey N Insects Coleoptera (N = 166 larval individuals) 490 Orthoptera 220 Lepidoptera 64 Odonata 10 Cicadidae 3 Tettigoniidae 1 Unidentified insects 44 Crayfish Family Astacidae 81 Amphibians Family Ranidae 23 Leeches Subclass Hirudinea 20 Mammals Peromyscus spp.
Emblemasoma erro Aldrich (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) is an acoustic parasitoid of cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) in central North America (Stucky 2015), and in 2010, I began a series of field studies that required trapping live E.
Taxon Number (%) of: Feeding events Faecal samples Hemiptera 2 (3.92) (1) 40 (76.92) Coleoptera (2) -- 37 (71.15) Hymenoptera (3)* -- 32 (61.54) Lepidoptera 1 (1.96) 4 (7.69) Dermaptera * -- 1 (1.92) Orthoptera -- 1 (1.92) Arachnida -- 1 (1.92) Unidentified 48 (94.12) -- (1) Cicadidae; (2) Includes Scarabaeidae; (3) Includes one record each of adult representatives of the families Formicidae, Mutilidae, and Vespidae; * New Taxa recorded in marmoset diets (Vespidae, Mutilidae and Dermaptera), due to faecal sample analysis.
Barker and Vestjens (1990) list water bugs, Cicadidae, Pentatomidae and Nepidae as the only hemipterans recorded, while Higgins et al.
The, timbals (acoustic organs) of fifteen genera of the family Cicadidae of Pakistan are examined and illustrated.
Cicada is the common form for an entire taxonomic family of insects, the Cicadidae, which belong to the order Hemiptera.