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n. pl. ci·cis·be·i (-bā′ē′)
The male lover or companion of a married woman, especially in 18th-century Europe.

[Italian, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -bei (-ˈbɛːi)
(Historical Terms) the escort or lover of a married woman, esp in 18th-century Italy
[C18: Italian, of uncertain origin]
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Among the topics discussed by the papers are Italian morality and the social institution of the cicisbei (publicly professed gallants and lovers of married women); female-self affirmation in the Roman salon of the Grand Tour; women and academies; women that helped shape culture in Venice; Swiss-Austrian painter Angelica Kauffman's residence in Rome; gender and genre in the religious art of the Catholic Enlightenment; medicine, pornography, and culture in 18th-century Italy; and women and science in 18th-century Italy.
Le donne d'oggi non sono affatto romantiche, e non apprezzano piu le lodi che anche da lontano rammentano i Cicisbei,o i Don Giovanni di un tempo (italics mine; 67).