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Noun1.Ciconia - type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storksCiconia - type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storks
bird genus - a genus of birds
Ciconia ciconia, white stork - the common stork of Europe; white with black wing feathers and a red bill
black stork, Ciconia nigra - Old World stork that is glossy black above and white below
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A dyma'r rhai na chewch eu bwyta: yr eryr, y fwltur, eryr y mor, y boda, y barcud, unrhyw fath o gudyll, yr estrys, y fran nos, yr wylan, unrhyw fath o hebog, y dylluan, y dylluan wen, y gigfran, y pelican, y fwltur mawr, y fulfran, y ciconia ac unrhyw fath o greyr, y gornchwiglen a'r ystlum.
1426-25 at the opening of manuscript Q15 from Bologna's Mussica Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica with its apparently irrationally paired Gloria and Credo attributed to Johannes Ciconia (d.
According to Game and Wildlife Officer Nicos Kassinis, in the last three days, large flocks of ciconia ciconia (white stork), an estimated 2,000 to 3,000, have arrived unexpectedly in the Akrotiri area.
Ciconiidae Anastomus African openbill lamelligerus stork Ciconia nigra Black stork Leptoptilos Marabou stork crumeniferus Anastomus Open-bill stork lamelligerus 9.
Among the species absent in the Swedish and British lists, Ciconia ciconia, Crex crex, Tringa totanus, Delichon urbicum, Anthus pratensis, Locustella fluviatilis, Sylvia nisoria, Muscicapa striata, and Carpodacus erythrinus were classified as farmland species; Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopos minor, Phylloscopus sibilatrix, Ficedula parva, Parus montanus, P.
Miller Species LACM SBMNH 1932 Pelecanus occidentalis 0 0 Ciconia maltha 14 3 Chen caeulescens (Chen?
The process of creating the pastinatio trenches is well described by the classical authors such as Columella, who state that the trenches should be dug by labourers to a pre-agreed size that could be checked using a wooden X on a wooden handle, a ciconia (White 1970).
30am The Cathedral Eucharist, Introit: Kyrie - Dunstable, Ciconia Psalm 4, Sanctus - Power, Psalm 23 - Mawby, Hymns.
These include 9 threatened and 22 near-threatened species, including the Argus Pheasant Argusianus argus and the Storm's Stork Ciconia episcopus stormi (van Balen and Dennis, 2000).
The extraordinary success of several recordings of Gregorian chant and other mediaeval music has emboldened ERATO to bring out Sidus Preclarum, the complete motets of Johannes Ciconia (3984-21661-2).