Cider press

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the press of a cider mill.

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Your first piece, from 2006, is called Cuthbert and Cider Press and is worth PS30-PS40 boxed.
Souffle Chiffon Gown (Cider Press Review,), chosen by David St.
The emphasis on local suppliers continues at the bar where at least two of the four real ales on offer are from Surrey Brewers and the Merry Harriers Garden Cider is A firm favourite, made using Hambledon apples, donated by residents to the cider press.
A HOLMFIRTH cider press is celebrating its fifth birthday with an afternoon party featuring music, food and plenty of locallymade cider.
At WildCraft Cider Works' annual harvest party Saturday, 10-year-old Alexander Frankel gripped the handle of a cider press with both hands, turning it until it would budge no more.
An old man had a cider press a long time ago, and he showed me how to do it, and we liked to drink hard cider so....
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And there are 14th century village stocks, a 17th century timber and cider mill with cider press and gallery over, restored 18th century dovecote, plus 18th century bee house, aviary and summer house.
"This is a part from a cider press manufactured by Keystone Mfg.
Stealing the show is a wooden, handcrafted cider press that looks as if it has been transported through history, custom built in 1998 by local woodcrafter Andrew Campbell.
"We've come a long way at Gwynt y Ddraig since making our first few barrels of cider using an old cider press back in 2001.