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[French : ci, here + devant, before.]


(esp of an office-holder) former; recent
[literally: heretofore]



former: used esp. in reference to a retired officeholder.
[French. literally formerly]
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That he is, squire, that he is,” interrupted the cidevant steward;
Prevost, cidevant Benedictin, qu'il connait un peu trop le bas peuple de Cythere.
Last year's show was postponed because of foot and mouth, and eventually took place in May when a two-year-old Basenji called Champion Jethard Cidevant - Cid to his friends - took the Best in Show prize home to Essex.
Breeder Paul Singleton was celebrating at last year's Crufts after his Basenji named Champion Jethard Cidevant won the Best in Show 2001 title.
The Basenji - official name Champion Jethard Cidevant - became top dog at the NEC in Birmingham.
Above: Paul Singleton from Colchester, Essex, with last year's Supreme Champion, a Basenji called Jethard Cidevant, known to his doggy pals as Cid; Top left: Evie, a dalmatian, relaxes at Crufts last year; Below left: Spectating at Crufts, Todd, a member of the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Team, waits his turn to rehearse for the big; show; Below: An Irish Setter, Caspians Intrepid, won the Best of Show in 1999
The title went to a basenji called Champion Jethard Cidevant, known in short as Sid.
BREEDER Paul Singleton was celebrating today after his Basenji named Champion Jethard Cidevant won the Best in Show 2001 Crufts title.
Champion Jethard Cidevant, the dog who could not bark, wins the Best in Show 2001 Crufts title at the Birmingham NEC last night.