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abbreviation for
(Commerce) compagnie
[French: company]


abbreviation for
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage
2. Companion of the Indian Empire
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the Irish Republic) Coras Iompair Eireann
[(for sense 2) French: International Lighting Commission; (for sense 3) Irish Gaelic: Transport Organization of Ireland]
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or cie.,

[< French Compagnie]
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"Circular knitting is one of the most efficient ways to manufacture textile surfaces," says managing partner Marcus Mayer, in charge of technical development at Mayer and Cie. "A Mayer machine manufactures up to 40 kg of fabric per hour, enough for around 380 t-shirts.
In a letter dated May 3, Peira told CIA: 'It has come to notice of authority that various unregistered private schools, affiliated with CIE at O and A level are in the habit of holding SoEs and results of CIE of their O and A level students on various unlawful pretexts including charging fees in advance even up to four months for the duration for which students have no connections with these school.'
Moser & Cie's CEO Edouard Meylan fired an open letter to president of the national bank threatening to take his company two kilometres across the border from its existing manufacturing site and into Germany to conduct business under the EU's currency.
The CIE British School awards British International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and General Certificates of Education (GCE) A Level qualifications to its high school and pre-university students.
Comparison of the Blue LED Excited Radiation Power Spectrum and CIE Index for Phosphor R-626 of Different Weight Concentrations.
Possible risk factors for CIE include chronic hypertension with impaired cerebral auto regulation, CKD/end-stage renal disease, diabetes, previous reaction to contrast material, intracranial pathology, direct injection into the cerebral circulation, and a large volume of injected contrast.
United States-based Newcor, Incorporated is acquiring CIE Automotive SA, a global manufacturer and supplier of automotive components and sub-assemblies.
Specifically, the author will examine the impact that CIE has on paw swelling, joint impairment, the generation of inflammatory mediators, and NF-[kappa]B activation in adjuvant arthritis (AA) rats.
Nobia said it has agreed with the private owners regarding the acquisition of Commodore and CIE Kitchens, primarily targeting private developers in London and the South East of England.
CIE's "JFH: Justice For Hire", the most downloaded mixed martial arts series on several digital comic book platforms, is the inaugural project to receive the Graphic Screenplay treatment - a first-of-it's-kind format that gradually bleeds a graphic novel into a traditional screenplay.