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abbreviation for
(Commerce) compagnie
[French: company]


abbreviation for
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage
2. Companion of the Indian Empire
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the Irish Republic) Coras Iompair Eireann
[(for sense 2) French: International Lighting Commission; (for sense 3) Irish Gaelic: Transport Organization of Ireland]


or cie.,

[< French Compagnie]
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th] tour to Ireland in 2014 with CIE Tours International.
The purpose of these workshops is to create an understanding of the aims and objectives and assessment requirements of the CIE O Level syllabus for the three subjects.
Er bod CIE Tours wedi cynnal gwobr ragoriaeth flynyddol yn Iwerddon ers 23 o flynyddoedd, dyma'u digwyddiad cyntaf yn y DU, ac mae'n adlewyrchu twf y cwmni y tu allan i Iwerddon.
Given this, and the conclusions of CIE TC1-62, how can CRI be trusted?
Brian Stack, the company president for North America, said, 'Instead of the usual tightly scheduled itineraries offered by many operators, CIE helps our travelers enjoy a full program of inclusive excursions each day, augmented by free time and activities of their own choosing.
The minister told the CIE to examine how it might raise as much as EUR100 million from property sales over five years.
CIE bosses are trying to recoup some of their losses by hitting the wage packets of their disgruntled workers.
CIE allows for a staged implementation across the enterprise.
Under the facts of the CIE corporation A entered into a sale-leaseback of depreciable equipment with B (a thinly capitalized partnership), in exchange for B's note.
The DB technique was compared with CIE for the detection of antibodies against ENAs and Jo-1 and with indirect immunofluorescence (IF) for the detection of antibodies against M2.
Patrick's Day parade in Dublin are part of CIE Tours International's March 11-18 tour of Ireland.
The most important question is to understand how people interact with three dimensional information and what do we need from technology to create a smooth and immersive user experience", said Mika Ylianttila , Director, CIE.