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Noun1.cigar box - a box for holding cigarscigar box - a box for holding cigars    
box - a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid; "he rummaged through a box of spare parts"
References in classic literature ?
I have no space (in that little room) to catalogue all the whim-whams with which she had made it beautiful, from the hand-sewn bell-rope which pulled no bell to the hand-painted cigar-box that contained no cigars.
Harris took him up to the sitting-room, which was on the first floor; it had an old piano in it with a keyboard that looked like a row of decayed teeth; and on the table in a cigar-box without a lid was a set of dominoes; old numbers of The Strand Magazine and of The Graphic were lying about.
Father Brown did not answer; indeed, he did not speak again, save for civilities, till they were all safe round a cigar-box in the cabin of the yacht.
The Professor closed the door carefully behind us, motioned me into an arm-chair, and pushed a cigar-box under my nose.
The blow smote the rail just for'ard of the fore-shrouds, splintering a gap through it as if it were no more than a cigar-box and cracking the covering board.
And but for a train of mangled doors behind the iron curtain, a bottle of wine and a cigar-box with which liberties had been taken, a rather black towel in the lavatory, a burnt match here and there, and our finger-marks on the dusty banisters, not a trace of our visit did we leave.
But that dark fruit hung on a well structured frame of gravel and cigar-box spice is something I always associate with half decent Bordeaux.
As part of the exhibit, a sampling of 130 cigar-box guitars made by last year's fifth-grade class at Sunset Middle School also is on display.
IMPRESSED: William meets cigar-box juggling punk Pierre at centre NATURAL CHARM: Kate bonds with a young fan TRUE BLUE: Leggy Kate looks great at visit to centre TOTALLY COMPOSED Kate looks so relaxed during walkbout in Quebec City