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Poisoning caused by ingesting fish contaminated with ciguatoxin, characterized by gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms. Also called ciguatera fish poisoning, ciguatera poisoning.

[American Spanish, from ciguato, one poisoned (with ciguatoxin), from cigua, sigua, snail, perhaps of Arawakan origin.]
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(Medicine) food poisoning caused by a ciguatoxin in seafood
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(ˌsi gwəˈtɛr ə, ˌsɪg wə-)
a tropical disease caused by ingesting a poison found in certain marine fishes.
[1860-65; American Spanish <cigua sea snail]
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polynesiensis, are the primary sources of ciguatoxins (CTXs), the causative agent of ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) (e.g., Chinain et al., 1999; Chinain et al., 2010; Holmes, 1998; Berdalet et al., 2012).
Yet for many, a trip to the tropics includes a painful education in a mysterious food-borne illness called Ciguatera Fish Poisoning, or CFP.
Ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) is a foodborne illness acquired by eating predatory reef fish that have accumulated naturally occurring ciguatoxins found in several dinoflagellate (algae) species through their diet.
A New Threat from Lionfish: Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP)
Ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP), the most common nonbacterial illness linked with eating fish, arises from the ciguatoxin produced by Gambierdiscus algae in tropical and subtropical areas of the Pacific, Western Atlantic, and Indian oceans.
These toxins accumulate in finfish causing ciguatera fish poisoning, globally the most frequent cause of non-bacterial food poisoning.
Clinical features of ciguatera fish poisoning, a study of the disease in the US Virgin Islands.
One of these antitoxins is currently being used to develop a new drug called Brevenal that will be used to treat cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the effects of Florida red tide exposure and even Ciguatera fish poisoning.
1000 to 1450 in eastern Polynesia was likely prompted by ciguatera fish poisoning.
Ciguatera fish poisoning is a clinical syndrome caused by eating contaminated fish (1).