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An ancient region of southeast Asia Minor along the Mediterranean Sea south of the Taurus Mountains. The area was conquered by Alexander the Great and later became part of the Roman Empire. It was the site of an independent Armenian state from 1080 to 1375.

Ci·li′cian adj. & n.
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(Placename) of or relating to Cilicia or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Cilicia
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Few books on the theory of contract law refer to Plutarch's story of Spartacus's failed dealings with the Cilician pirates as a way to explain the dangers of ex post opportunism in the absence of sufficient security of exchange.
The festival will tour the countryside highlighting an array of flora -- not only cedars, but Persian junipers, Greek junipers, Cilician fir -- which thrive nowhere else in the country.
Indeed, from a territorial perspective, the kingdom of Cilician Armenia (in south-eastern Turkey) did not overlap at all with the kingdoms of Greater Armenia which preceded it.
Much more likely Tabalus is not the man's name at all but a title or nickname, much like Cilician Syenessos, who is also written about in Herodotus.
At the beginning of the poem, Berry invokes the situation of Virgil's hardscrabble Cilician farmer of Georgics Book Four, yet to achieve this classical imitation he draws first from the biblical resonance of the least becoming the greatest.
McMeekin provides revealing details on an ill-fated Armenian-British collaboration, which Rogan ignored: This is the strategic role of Cilician Ottoman Armenians in the never-implemented Alexandretta landings of the British forces from Egypt who chose instead to attack Gallipoli.
Perennial rivers located in the Cilician Basin constitute a large proportion of all available fresh water inputs into the entire oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean with a total fresh water flux of 27 k[m.sup.3]/yr (half of the present discharge of the Nile ; Gu et al., 2013).
(1992), in their study conducted in in the Northern Cilician basin of eastern Mediterranean Sea (Turkish Coast), reported 39 copepoda species, 11 holoplankton species and 8 meroplankton species; Uysal et al.
from the Cilicians (...) and the word 'to play the Cilician to one, to cheat'] Cf.
cilicica (Cilician fir) belongs to the Pinaceae (Abietaceae) family.
The Byzantine reconquest brought Greek rule back to Syria, but it also brought Armenians who settled in northern Syria and along the Cilician coast.