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n.1.A kind of confectionery or cake.
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Software-based near field communication (NFC) payment network developer Cimbal Inc announced on Tuesday its public launch.
According to the company, Cimbal enables secure payment using a smartphone instead of a plastic card.
For transactions, a Cimbal user creates a payment request on their phone or the web.
Both parties receive confirmation receipts on their device and in their Cimbal account history.
The word cimbal (dulcimer) was already being used in the Bohemian Lands around 1680.
Cimbal a provides important arguments in favor of the logic of deterrence versus the logic of nonproliferation in a very straightforward manner.
We will also be formulating the optimal way to integrate CPI Consulting's CIMBal database, Chemical Industry Financial Model, and the Chemical Industry Analysis Program (CIA Program) into CMAI's portfolio of client-services.
The report was prepared utilizing CPI Consulting's proprietary CIMBal database and model, and augmented by the company's overall knowledge of the global chemical industry and competitive issues and trends.
Further information about the Chemical Industry Analysis Program and the CIMBal model is available on the company's website at http://www.