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n.1.A kind of confectionery or cake.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The star of the evening will be US singer Lizz Wright and the intriguing Slovak Philharmonics, conducted by jazzman Oskar Roacutesza.In the countryThree days later, the Slovak #317ubomiacuter Gascaronpar Cimbal Project and the foreign Lionel Loueke Trio, featuring Daniele Camarda and Martin Valihora, will play in the Amphitheatre in Banskaacute Scarontiavnica, the organisers informed.
Software-based near field communication (NFC) payment network developer Cimbal Inc announced on Tuesday its public launch.
According to the company, Cimbal enables secure payment using a smartphone instead of a plastic card.
For transactions, a Cimbal user creates a payment request on their phone or the web.
Both parties receive confirmation receipts on their device and in their Cimbal account history.
The word cimbal (dulcimer) was already being used in the Bohemian Lands around 1680.
Steblin's ingenuity is not in doubt, but her arguments for identifying Schubert under the nickname 'Ritter Cimbal' strike me as interesting rather than convincing.
Cimbal a provides important arguments in favor of the logic of deterrence versus the logic of nonproliferation in a very straightforward manner.